India’s Firozabad Police launches pilot complaint filing portal on Polygon Network

Firozabad is aiming to achieve transparency of complaints by starting the registration of complaints on the Polygon blockchain network.

India, a country that has always delivered innovative minds to the world, is now diving into Blockchain technology. Firozabad, which has 2.4 million residents and 21 police stations, is aiming to achieve integrity and transparency of complaints by starting the registration of complaints on the Polygon blockchain network. 

Firozabad Police Department’s senior superintendent Ashish Tiwari launched a pilot portal for the same.

It is important to note that the police has used Polygon network to create the blockchain-based portal for lodging complaints by crime victims, which makes use of OxPolygon modular blockchain solutions. Interestingly, the eminent Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur awarded Tiwari his M. Tech. in Computer Science, who is currently the head of the Firozabad district police.

A private company that specializes in Web3 software development and the district police’s smart cell collaborated to create the blockchain-based police complaint portal.

Firozabad police aims to fight corruption

In India, Police officers usually fail to file complaints or make inappropriate efforts to do so. The Firozabad police administration is attempting to ensure that people can complain freely and that the complaint’s information is immune to tampering by allowing them to file complaints on a blockchain network. The initiative is crucially significant because it has the potential to change the game for the Indian police, for whom fighting corruption at lower levels is a significant challenge.

Being an Indian native, Polygon CEO Sandeep Naiwal said he is aware of the importance of blockchain use to file police complaints. In a tweet about the development in Firozabad, he stated, “This is very close to my heart.”

In general, Indian government agencies are positive about blockchain technology, but they have been quite cautious and dubious when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

As TheCoinRise reported, India imposed a 30% crypto tax in April this year, which saw massive backlash from local investors.