Introducing PEPELON: The Next 100x Memecoin Competitor to Pepe


As the cryptocurrency universe continues to expand, the newest addition set to take the center stage is none other than the memeable memecoin, PEPELON. Designed to stir up the hype that memecoins rightfully deserve, PEPELON is not just a coin; it’s an epic odyssey embarked by two titans, Elon Musk and Pepe. Here’s why PEPELON is the next viral sensation and a strong competitor to Pepe. PEPELON Memecoin: Strong Recovery and Onwards to New Heights on 14th of May, 2023

The Genesis of PEPELON

PEPELON was created to commemorate the daring collaboration between Elon Musk and Pepe in their shared mission to colonize Mars. The coin embraces the essence of both icons, culminating in the creation of a new memecoin, PEPELON. The equation is simple: Pepe + Elon = PEPELON.

This unique memecoin has been launched with the backing of the memecoin father himself and promises to usher a new era in the world of memecoins. With zero taxes, LP locked, and contract renounced, PEPELON is designed to be the coin of the people, forever.

How to Invest in PEPELON?

Investing in PEPELON is a straightforward process. You’ll need a wallet such as MetaMask, which can be downloaded from the app store, Google Play store, or as a Google Chrome extension. Once you have some BNB in your wallet, connect to PancakeSwap, paste the PEPELON token address, select PEPELON, and confirm. Finally, swap BNB for PEPELON and you’re good to go.

The Roadmap to Success

PEPELON has an ambitious roadmap laid out that highlights its planned growth and expansion. The roadmap is divided into five phases, each designed to take PEPELON to new heights. From team formation and creation of contract, whitepaper, and website to international marketing and creation of new communities, each phase is meticulously planned to ensure the steady growth of PEPELON.

Tokenomics of PEPELON

PEPELON boasts a total supply of 420,690,000,000,000 $PEPELON. The liquidity stands at 33.8%, with 59.2% dedicated to presale, and 6.9% reserved for CEX.

The Marketing Strategy

PEPELON’s marketing strategy is a blend of traditional and contemporary approaches, targeting every platform where potential investors are found. From YouTube influencers and Telegram channels to Twitter trends, Poocoin ads, and Google SEO, the team at PEPELON has left no stone unturned to ensure mass adoption and virality in a short period of time.


PEPELON is more than just the next 100x memecoin. It’s a revolution in the world of memecoins, promising to bring back the excitement and hype that these coins always deserved. If you missed the opportunity with $DOGELON and $PEPE, make sure you don’t repeat the same with $PEPELON. After all, it’s time to make memecoins great again, and PEPELON is leading this change.

For any marketing proposals and inquiries, feel free to reach out at Join the PEPELON community today and be a part of the next viral coin revolution!

Contract address: 0xe61913b2b9e3d1d4ff4a48f1c5d1ab53c5f62958

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