John McAfee is Still Alive in Texas, Ex-Girlfriend Says

Ex-girlfriend of crypto evangelist John McAfee who mysteriously died last year while in custody, claims that he is still alive and is somewhere in Texas. Samantha Herrera allegedly stated that McAfee who is known to be a controversial man, only faked his death while in prison. 

Notably, she said John McAfee had placed a call through to her after his death was announced. “It’s me, John. I paid off people to pretend that I am dead, but I am not dead,” she claimed McAfee told her. 

Meanwhile, they had broken off their relationship nine years before his death. Herrera also spoke about how he told her that only three people were aware of his fake death and asked her to elope with him.

To put things in perspective, filmmakers created a Netflix documentary to probe the life and death of the remarkable antivirus software developer.

The Wild World of John McAfee

The documentary dubbed “Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee,” was released earlier this week. It featured Samantha Herrera’s claims of the crypto evangelist faked death and life in Texas. The documentary was directed by director and cinematographer Charlie Russell, it is currently streaming on Netflix.

Interestingly, the documentary is a fusion of both raw footage of McAfee’s life and interviews conducted to shed more light on his chaotic experiences. During an interview with Russell, he mentioned that he had started having conversations with McAfee about a possible documentary after he was accosted for evading tax.

Speaking about Herrera’s call claim, Russell arguably said that he doesn’t know what he thinks and also believes that it’s the same for this ex-girlfriend. 

Wife of John McAfee Shares Her Thoughts on Herrera’s Claims

After John McAfee broke off his relationship with Herrera, the documentary portrayed that he married a former prostitute who goes by name Janice Dyson. When she was approached to share her thoughts on Herra’s claim, she didn’t give a response but later tweeted that McAfee is dead.

Furthermore, she clarified that if truly he was alive, he wouldn’t be hiding out in Texas. He still has the 30 years sentence meted out to him due to his tax evasion which amounted to over $23 million.