JPMorgan Says that Judge’s Ruling in XRP Case is a Win for Ripple

As per the JPMorgan equity researcher headed by Kenneth Worthington, Coinbase also stands to benefit from the XRP case.

As reported by the Block, JPMorgan analysts appear to “remain bullish on the crypto ecosystem” for the longer term, believing that Ripple’s XRP judgment might favor Coinbase because it could possibly be applied to the 13 tokens that were claimed as securities in the SEC’s action against Coinbase last month.

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Coinbase to Benefit as well: JPMorgan

As per the JPMorgan equity researcher headed by Kenneth Worthington: “The ruling appears on the surface to be a win for Coinbase in its recent lawsuit by the SEC.” He further wrote in a report on Friday: “We see Coinbase in the best position to benefit from the improved confidence and regulatory clarity given Coinbase’s market-leading position and respected reputation in the industry.”

Ripple’s Partial Win Against SEC

Notably, Ripple had a partial success in court earlier this week when a federal judge found that certain of its XRP token sales, which had been sued as securities breaches by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, did not completely fulfil the criteria of a securities offering. 

Coinbase is not ‘Out of the Woods’

Yet, since Coinbase’s staking and wallet products are also involved in the SEC complaint, analysts believe that “Coinbase is not ‘out of the woods’ completely just yet.”

They also stated that “the SEC can appeal the Ripple decision furthering the uncertainty of the implications of the Ripple judgment.”

JPMorgan on the Future of Crypto Asset Deemed as Securities by SEC

In accordance with the JPMorgan analysts: “If the Ripple case stands, it would appear more challenging for the SEC to demonstrate the 13 [tokens] are securities and that Coinbase is an unregistered securities exchange thus excusing it from certain future licensing and regulatory requirements.”

In December 2020, the US regulatory body filed a complaint against Ripple Labs for breaching federal securities rules. Ripple purportedly traded XRP while the token was a registration with the regulator and profited around $1.5 billion from the sales. 

This case was in progress for about two and a half years, and numerous pieces of information, including the presentation of Hinman’s Speech, have surfaced to support Ripple’s position that its native money is not a security.

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