JuicyFields Review – One Of The Hottest Cannabis Platforms in Europe

JuicyFields Review One Of The Hottest Cannabis Platforms in Europe
JuicyFields Review One Of The Hottest Cannabis Platforms in Europe

JuicyFields Review – JuicyFields.io proudly connects cannabis buyers, sellers, growers, activists, and enthusiasts across the globe, on one of the first legal Crowdgrowing platforms.

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22 March 2020, Berlin, Germany – JuicyFields has announced the launch of its legal co-op cannabis Crowdgrowing platform. JuicyFields is a pioneer in its kind, with licensed partners in several countries, and offers users a fully automated global service. The platform is geared towards all types of business enthusiasts, accepting bitcoin and ethereum, in addition to traditional fiat payments.

JuicyFields.io, a game-changing cannabis movement platform out of Europe, that is turning heads with it’s growing and co-op type set up for cannabis growers around the world. Can they tackle the world and move out of Europe to expand? And here we will a little bit more in-depth


Review What is JuicyFields?

JuicyFields is a technological solution designed to crack the global cannabis monopoly. Crowdgrowing or e-growing with JuicyFields allows anyone to legally grow medical cannabis and earn an income from the comfort of home.

Crowdgrowing = Crowdfunding?

As we know, crowdfunding is essentially the partnership between an Entrepreneur and an Investor. Crowdgrowing or e-growing, on the other hand, brings together budding cannabis entrepreneurs and those seeking to enter the industry regardless of geolocation, background, knowledge and local laws.

JuicyFields has provided a platform to bring these people together around a shared interest in a growing yet restrictive industry.

We believe that the cannabis industry, specifically the medicinal marijuana sector, is dominated by a small monopoly of large corporations where smaller, innovative companies are struggling to establish themselves. On the other side of this mal equation, we have investors and supporters of the grassroots industry that cannot enter due to restrictive legislation with little opportunity to invest and when available, at a high cost. Crowd Growing is the solution to that.

How to become e-grower?

Requirements for e-growers are that they must be a minimum of 21 years old. Anyone can become an e-grower,  simply need to register on the platform JuicyFields.io and get a personal grower’s account. JuicyFields is crypto-friendly =)

How much does 1 plant cost? What is the profitability?

You can start from 50 euro with JuicyFlash strain: 90 days growing period, 68-83€ profitability from the harvest.

The cost to purchase 1 plant is 2000 euros for other 3 strains:

JuicyMist: 4 harvests per year, up to 1,600€ every 12 months. You can expect to generate about 4500-4800€ of total profit in 3 years by purchasing a JuicyMist clone. These are approx figures since harvests may vary from batch to batch. If you are looking to cash out on your profits every 3 months this is a plan for you. JuicyMist is the strain with the fastest flowering period that we have. Harvests are bit less compared to JuicyKush or JuicyHaze but are more frequent.

JuicyKush: 3 harvests per year, up to 2,250€ every 12 months. You can expect to generate about 8,000-9,000€ of total profit in 4 years by purchasing a JuicyKush clone.

For maximum yields, we have a very special strain with amazing yields. Only two harvests a year but look at the figures:
: 2 harvests per year, up to 2,400 every 12 months. But, the contract is 5 years, which makes it about 10,000-12,000€ in total profit.

You can choose the parameters of profitability in the personal account area.

The process of growing one’s own cannabis online has never been easier.

Earn Free Grams with the JuicyFields Bounty Campaign

Interested parties can check out the JuicyFields Bounty Campaign today, and get rewarded free grams for helping raise awareness of this groundbreaking project. JuicyFields will be giving away free grams to successful applicants of the Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn and Signature bounties.

The Bounty will last for 2 months and grams will be calculated at the end of the bounty. Users will be given JuicyMist plants grams (fixed price of €2 per gram) and these will then be grown by JuicyFields. First harvest will happen 3 months after JuicyFields has started growing them, and by that time successful applicants will be able to sell these and withdraw their funds

Learn more about juicyfields.iohttps://juicyfields.io

Read the Juicyfields Greenpaper here

Follow Juicyfields on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Jsflds/

Watch the Juicyfields.io Youtube Videohttps://youtu.be/-hiJWywmta0

Join the official Juicyfields Telegram channelhttps://t.me/juicyfieldsio

Meet the Team on Linkedin –https://www.linkedin.com/company/juicy-fields

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