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What are Play2Earn games?

The gaming industry is on the rise and in 2022 it will be the leading industry of NFTs.

Today, a new model has started to emerge, “play to earn” games, that can make a lot of money just by playing the game.

Play-to-earn games rely on blockchain technology, as you can earn items while playing the games in the form of crypto tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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In some games, during the game, you can buy resources that help advance the game and then rent them out to other players or sell them for a higher price. 

Usually, these resources are necessary to advance in the game and their quantity is limited so selling or renting them out will make a good return of money easily.

In these games, the longer the player plays the game he will discover more ways to make money in the game.

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The ways to win vary from game to game but the principle is the same. One thing is for sure there is no need to win the game in order to earn money because during the game you can make a lot of money too.

The money you earn in these games is a great incentive that adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Could you think for a moment about you, your nephew, little brother, or even a friend you know who burned so much time in games – how much money could he make if he was playing in the Play2Earn NFT Gaming industry, Could you imagine this? 

This huge industry called gaming is only evolving over the years and it seems that with the NFTs it will only accelerate and increase the market volume and the hundreds of billions of dollars flowing in this market. 

Why especially KANGAROO’S WILD WORLD?              

One of the notable projects that used this method is Kangaroo’s Wild World project.

This project is releasing 3 types of NFTs, just to make the game more entertaining.
10K unique NFTs by kangaroos that are beautifully designed with varied accessories that differentiate each piece from the other and add style to the NFTs.

They’re Creating a METAVERSE world that will not only contain unknown codes but will include a wild kangaroos world and a creative story that begins with the creation of the kangaroo world and continues for generations to come, earning a living and detailing the rest of their lives in the world.

The project will include a game for the holders of the collection and can be played all day without a break to accumulate profits during the game, 24/7, just by taking decisions.

First, their game starts already on the first day of launch. That means, That the first owners of their NFTs will enter the game and will earn time and money already on the first day and they will have a higher chance of buying resources that will be an advantage for the rest of the game.


3 Ways to earn in the game

The founders of the project built the game with a variety of options to make money so that each player will choose which option they prefer and which way they want to make money. All the kangaroo NFT owners can earn NFTs that are worth money through breeding their kangaroo couples on the journey to Kangaroo Island. Plus, they get a ticket to Tasmania (Phase 2 of the game) and a reserved plot of land there.

Second, to advance in the game there are necessary resources that Players can buy such as resources and rent them out to other players. 

For example – there will be only 500 boats to get to kangaroo island, each boat owner will earn money automatically for renting his boat.
The rental price will be determined democratically by the owners of the boats. The Democratic votes will be allowing a lot of power to them to increase their gains.

In addition, there will be only 6 areas for sale, each owner’s area will earn between 15-30% taxes from activities that took place in their area automatically. Thousands of players are going to play the game and there will be a lot of activity in these areas so the owners of these areas will make a lot of money.

Buy-Back System

Although the founders of the project created a lot of methods to make money in the game, they knew that there is a lot of people who are afraid to invest their money in the world of NFT gaming and they thought about how they can turn their investment into an investment that the buyers will not be able to lose money.

They believe so much in his project that they decided to make a “BUY BACK SYSTEM”.

If someone will buy one of their NFTs and will not want it anymore? That’s fine!

They will buy it from him at the price the buyer bought the NFT.

They are doing this for a couple of reasons: 

  1. They prove that they are 100% into this project.
  2. They will keep the floor price more than the minting price, because if someone will want to sell it lower than the minting price, they will buy it from him at the minting price, so he doesn’t have a reason to do that.
  3. they will not sell the NFTs ever at the same price as the minting price. The NFTs that they will buy, will be put on sale at a minimum of 10x from the minting price.


If all that was not enough, the project team researched the issue of kangaroo extinction in Austria and therefore decided to base the project on kangaroos.

In recent years, Australia has become embroiled in an effort to expel kangaroos – this year alone, it is expected to kill more than a million of them in an effort to protect endangered species from extinction in its grasslands.

Kangaroo’s Wild World will donate some of the profits of the project to the Kangaroo Conservation Association.

The Play-to-earn game model in the metaverse is an emerging market where players can earn money according to the amount of time that they spend playing video games.

The model is still in the beginning, but even now we already can see that this gaming model is profitable for a lot of players. All the more so in the future.

Don’t miss the train, it’s almost leaving the station. Join Kangaroo’s Wild World and learn more about Play2Earn and its unique concept.

Kangaroo’s Wild World

Website: https://kw.world

Discord: https://discord.gg/cFZ3AkUKmx

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kww_nft

Other links: https://kww.world/official-links

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