KUY Token and Dekaron Online, An Epic Collaboration


The rapid development of blockchain with all supporting ecosystems continues to give birth to various innovations, ranging from Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Metaverse, and now comes the game with the Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept.

Play-to-Earn games allow players to play games while making money and transacting digital assets. The concept of P2E games is considered a revolution in the gaming industry because it comes with a new format and a different appeal. Currently, people can enjoy several Play-to-Earn games, for example, such as Dekaron Online.

Dekaron Online is a PC MMORPG genre game that allows players to explore the world, defeat monsters, and most importantly collect tokens. In the Dekaron game, players can find various characters, monsters, pets, magic skills, and even a PvP mode designed as an eSport game.

Players can also collect a valuable asset called Karonium, obtained through battles.

Players can also collect a valuable asset called Karonium, obtained through battles.

Players can also collect a valuable asset called Karonium, obtained through battles. Then, the Karonium that has been collected can be exchanged for cryptocurrency before being converted to real currency on the exchange platforms that support the game. Meanwhile, the crypto token used in the Dekaron game is KUY Token, a utility token launched from KUY Network.

KUY Token is a utility token that provides technology and system solutions for games and the creative industry so that they can adopt blockchain technology. KUY Network has four main features that users can enjoy:

  • Game Token

KUY Token is a utility token from KUY Network that many game developers and publishers can use to build NFT, blockchain, game token, metaverse, and much more. KUY Token will be developed on Binance BEP-20 and Vexanium Blockchain.

  • Game Wallet

Users can receive gifts and in-game items to fill the created wallet. Within the wallet, users can search for their transactions and unique non-exchangeable items (NFT). This wallet can also trade digital items in the marketplace and store game tokens such as KUY Token.

  • Marketplace

This digital asset marketplace functions based on traditional APIs, giving gaming industry players the tools they need to buy, sell, and manage digital assets. Players will have access to a universal marketplace where they can earn extra through game tokens.

  • Multi-chain Infrastructure

KUY Network helps the gaming industry enter the blockchain world. The public chain plays an asset management role in the KUY ecosystem. It is not ideal to isolate user assets on a private blockchain. KUY Network requires a system with a high TPS (transactions per second) rate to process bulk transactions generated by games. Therefore, KUY Network uses the Vexanium Public Blockchain or Game Private Blockchain.

The emergence of the Play-to-Earn game concept itself cannot be separated from NFT. Therefore, Play-to-Earn games are more commonly known as NFT games. Play-to-Earn games combine conventional game design with game mechanics that allow players more control over in-game assets, such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual lands, etc.

Adding blockchain and NFT technology makes the gaming environment decentralized so that the game’s control is in the players’ hands. The most significant impact is that players can exercise full ownership of their assets in the game world. It also opens up the opportunity to trade rare assets in the game world that could make money in the real world.

In addition, the player’s NFT collection can be used in many or even all games because it uses blockchain technology. Data and asset ownership can be tracked over the network and easily transferred across games on the same blockchain.

Using NFT technology means creating lasting value for in-game assets and revolutionizing the gaming world. Some things that make NFT important and suitable for the development of the game world are information being transparent, players being able to take control, investing, and buying and selling digital assets.

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