LaCucina launches DeFi engagement platform, partners with MDEX, Beefy.Finance

Launching its DeFi Engagement platform on Binance Smart Chain, offering users more gains on their stakes, brings extra rewards to MDEX, Beefy.Finance users

LaCucina, the fair DeFi engagement platform, is coming out of stealth this month, announcing its official launch this January on the Binance Smart Chain, the first one on the blockchain to offer regular users a way to enjoy DeFi even more. Through its advanced engagement enhancing system, the platform offers a variety of benefits-boosting opportunities to users who use selected decentralized exchanges.

In the same breath, LaCucina also announces its collaboration with MDEX, a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and Beefy.Finance, a secure and high-APY multi-chain yield optimizer.

“Our mission is to help users maximize their profits when putting their crypto to use,” says Weso, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Beefy Finance. “LaCucina’s vision is geared toward the same goal, which makes it a perfect partner. We are happy to be offering our users even more value from their investments with no additional costs on their end and look forward to welcoming more investors on our platform.”

Teaming up with MDEX and Beefy.Finance, LaCucina amplifies their users’ rewards on coins staked at those third-party platforms through an engaging and fun benefits program. LaCucina sets up Ovens for select liquidity pools on MDEX and Beefy’s Vaults. These Ovens then monitor the transactions in the underlying liquidity pools or vaults, and reward users based on a multitude of parameters such as liquidity timing or duration. By linking their wallets with LaCucina, users who participated in the target pools over the designated time periods will be able to get additional benefits.

As part of the collaboration, MDEX will offer a farm for the $LAC liquidity pool, rewarding $LAC liquidity providers with its $MDEX token. LaCucina will set up an Oven for this liquidity pool, making sure its participants are also rewarded with $LAC. Beefy.Finance, for its part, will launch a Vault for the MDEX farm, further amplifying the benefits for liquidity providers. To claim their rewards, liquidity providers will not have to move their staked positions or stake anything at LaCucina; the platform does not feature native staking and operates as an additional reward level on top of third-party decentralized exchanges and farms.

“Liquidity providers are a central pillar for any decentralized crypto exchange,” says KIKO, CMO of MDEX. “Without their support, such projects cannot function. Any extra incentive for users to stake their tokens into liquidity pools ultimately works toward enabling the larger crypto ecosystem as such, which makes projects like LaCucina such a crucial piece of the puzzle. We are thrilled to be moving ahead with this partnership.”

LaCucina is also granting retroactive perks to users who provided liquidity to select liquidity pools on MDEX, PancakeSwap, and Sushiswap in past months as well as a wide variety of ongoing reward programs. The users do not have to do any additional staking to claim their rewards. The platform’s flexible engagement enhancing system, or Cooking Plans, is designed to prioritize factors other than the stake size, such as the time when the stake was made, its duration, and other parameters. This allows small users to punch above their weight with well-timed and committed engagement.

LaCucina also introduces a unique and innovative way for users to increase their relative share of rewards via interaction with NFTs. Users can spend their LAC tokens to get “Secret Ingredients”—special NFTs, such as “Space Mushrooms” and “Martian Worms.” These NFTs representing interstellar food ingredients are released on an on-going basis and vary in rarity and nutritional value. LaCucina users can put several ingredients together to “cook” a new NFT of a different type—a Reward Boosting Dish such as pizza, pasta, or zuppa. The Dish will carry a multiplier that its owner can then activate on any Oven to increase their relative share of rewards. The multipliers will range between 1 and 10, depending on the rarity and nutritional value of the ingredients used.

“LaCucina was born out of the necessity for projects to create appealing and attractive ways to incentivize users to engage with and promote participation. None of the existing DEXs and farms out there offer the level of flexibility that LaCucina offers, resulting in biased allocations of rewards, in such a way that the rich get richer and the small players do not stand a chance of properly enjoying DeFi,” says LaCucina’s Head Chef. “But the vision doesn’t stop there. LaCucina is planning on being the most impartial launchpad for crypto projects, facilitating direct engagement between projects and users and allowing projects to directly reward users for their engagement with the project. LaCucina’s roadmap for the near future offers a truly special product and aims to set a new standard for launchpads.”