Latoken’s Twitter Account Compromised as Hacker Spills Exchange’s Misdemeanor

UPDATE by Viktor Kurylo, LATOKEN PR Director

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On January 24, 2022, LATOKEN encountered temporary difficulties with managing our corporate Twitter account due to unauthorized actions by a rogue employee, who had access to this account.

In a span of a few hours, until LATOKEN restored access to its Twitter, that person had posted malicious and libellous content to our Twitter feed, which created a negative public image of the company. After the access to the account was restored, all that content was deleted.

We do not agree with such misleading words as “hacked”, “hacker”, “scam”, because all these actions were done by an employee of the company, who had full access to our Twitter account. Our security was never compromised by any outside party and remains outstanding.

Since 2017, LATOKEN has been a leading global exchange for startup tokens, with over 250 IEO’s and 2 million registered users.

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A supposedly ‘disgruntled employee’ of the Russian digital currency trading platform, Latoken, has hacked the exchange’s official Twitter account and posted a number of damning content about the platform. The hacker accused the exchange of mistreating employees while promoting a number of scam projects on the platform.

The hacker notably changed the trading platform’s bio to read; 

“LATOKEN is the leading SCAM platform!! They fire employees for no reason and treat them like trash !!! they deliberately try to scam money out of projects!”

While the identity of the exchange’s hacker is yet to be identified, there are further claims that the Russian trading platform is heavily invested in promoting scam Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). While massive growth potential is not unlikely in the IEO space, the attacker said Latoken promotes IEOs that promise a 100 to 500% growth run.

The attacker further went ahead to tell the more than 357.8k followers of the exchange that the company’s executives lie to the founders and employees “to think they will have successful IEOs while it never happens.”

The hack was also extended to the platform’s decentralized exchange outfit, LADEX, in which a video showing how Latoken’s founder was raining curses on supposed staff in an ongoing meeting. The LADEX outfit is relatively new with just a handful of followers.

Latoken’s Response to the Hack

The hack on Latoken’s Twitter account has been accompanied by a brief statement from the exchange that was posted to its official Telegram account.

“Our official Twitter has been compromised. We believe a disgruntled employee is behind it. We’re in touch with Twitter Support to get it fixed.”

It is not uncommon to find cases of hacks making headlines in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including those involving official social media accounts. However, it is not common to find a hack completely centered on the exposition of a firm’s misdemeanor such as this Latoken’s case comes off as.

Back in 2020, an American teenager hacked the Twitter accounts of prominent personalities including the current United States President, Joe Biden, and other known leaders such as Elon Musk, and Bill Gates amongst others. With social media constantly being used as a weapon of a hack, centralized social media administrators have more work to create an enabling environment for all

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