Leading CEX FMFW.io Exchange launches advanced mobile wallet: Meet FMFW.io Wallet App

FMFW.io Exchange, our key strategic partner, has launched their brand new mobile wallet, a key milestone in their 3+ year journey. Using the FMFW.io Wallet, the team behind the reputable exchange aims to bring crypto closer to all traders, complete beginners and advanced ones alike. 

Learn how you can activate your mobile wallet and make the most out of our app below!

What is the FMFW.io Wallet

FMFW.io is an already consolidated crypto exchange on the market, with 3+ years in the business and no intention of stopping their mission to Free the Money, Free the World

Counting on a reliable platform that makes it possible for anyone to start trading cryptocurrency, they are aiming to use the mobile wallet as a fast and easy way to manage, buy, sell and earn crypto.

The FMFW.io Wallet is available now on both GooglePlay and AppStore, and it combines crypto fan-favorite features, a user friendly platform and battled tested security levels, making it an advanced option to simply stay in touch with your crypto on the go.

Packed with features that will keep your crypto close to your fingertips

Built with complete beginners and veteran traders in mind, the FMFW.io mobile app offers a seamless experience when it comes to buying, selling, exchanging and managing your favorite crypto:

  • 300+ coins and tokens to buy, sell and swap
  • 65+ cryptocurrencies available for purchase with your local bank card
  • 45+ fiat currencies available 
  • Send and receive crypto in a heartbeat 
  • Zero fees when sending or receiving crypto from other users
  • Earn crypto by staking with no lock-up period
  • Keep a close eye on your favorite coin using your watchlist 
  • Generate and scan QR codes for seamless transactions 
  • The support you need with 24/7 multilingual support
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry news 
  • Available in English now and 7+ languages soon


Tap into the power of your crypto now

You’re one step away from staying connected with your crypto at any time, from anywhere: Download the FMFW.io Wallet app now, available on both GooglePlay and AppStore: here

Or use this QR code: