Lightspeed Venture Partners Floats 4 New Funds with $7.1B Capital Injection

Image Source: Shutterstock

Prominent venture capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners has received a total of $7.1 billion across four new funds dedicated to investments in the blockchain, crypto, and Web3.0 ecosystems respectively.

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The four funds include the Lightspeed Venture Partners XIV-A/B, L.P bootstrapped with $1.98 billion, Lightspeed Venture Partners Select V, L.P whose round was closed with $2.26 billion, and the Lightspeed Opportunity Fund II, L.P which saw the highest cash injection of $2.36 billion. 

Lightspeed also dedicated a new fund to cater to the growing Web3.0 ecosystem in India and it named this the Lightspeed India Partners with liquidity worth $500 million. Each of the funds will explore a multi-strategy scheme to back protocols with unique innovations, disregarding where they are based.

“Lightspeed’s mission remains the same today as it was at our founding 20+ years ago–to invest in founders and innovators building enduring companies across the world,” said Will Kohler, Partner, Lightspeed. “We believe in investing in companies at scale, and like the companies we invest in, we have to continue to innovate and evolve as a firm in order to be the best partners we can be, and better serve our founders and the companies they’ve created as they grow. These special companies are staying private longer and regardless of where in the world the journey begins, the founders’ ambitions are increasingly global in nature to meet growing demand.”

Lightspeed Faction

Alongside the launch of the four funds, Lightspeed Venture Partners also unveiled its new crypto offshoot dubbed Lightspeed Faction. The venture capital firm described Lightspeed Faction as “an independent team dedicated to building on Lightspeed’s nine-year history of backing exceptional founders in blockchain infrastructure.”

Lightspeed Venture Partners has a very broad-based portfolio of startups both in Web2.0 and Web3.0 that has been supported from the ground up. Amongst the companies in Lightspeed’s Web3.0 portfolio includes FTX Derivatives Exchange, and blockchain security firm, CertiK amongst others.

Lightspeed Venture Partners is also an investor in Affirm, Blend, and Grab to mention a few.

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