Listing Your Native Token on Bithumb Just Got Easier With TheCoinRise

Asia is the world’s most populous continent, an advantage that makes it one of the most sought after by top crypto projects. In today’s Web3.0 ecosystem, few exchanges are trailing the blaze when it comes to catering to the needs of users in the region, and Bithumb exchange is one of the most prominent names around.

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Bithumb is one of the few digital currency trading platforms in South Korea that is legally licensed to operate and has been in the game for quite a long period of time. With its deep roots in the Asian market, Bithumb is a unique platform for projects looking for massive exposure to this region and other locations around the world.

However, its popularity can be a bane for project owners who may want to list their coins for trading on the platform. This is because the competition to list with Bithumb has continued to fuel a very stringent listing rule, as the exchange also needs to comply with local regulations. While successful listing on Bithumb is possible, meeting these requirements may cause delays for some projects across the board.

This can, however, be circumvented when TheCoinRise is consulted to handle the process from start to finish.

Why Bring in TheCoinRise?

The simple reason is to maximize time and to ensure clients get optimal value from their original exchange listing budget. 

Over the past few years, we have played a key role in harmonizing information in Web3.0, packing news and information that every stakeholder needs to succeed as a participant in the digital currency ecosystem. 

While doing this, we have built a friendly network with prominent trading platforms like Bithumb and having assessed the trend and how difficult it is for project owners to list on exchanges, we decided to launch a token listing service to lend a helping, functional hand.

As a result of this service, we can guarantee that rather than the indeterminate time span of listing a token Bithumb, TheCoinRise team will get it done in exactly 10 – 20 days. While this sounds impressive, we also help our clients cut the exchange listing fee when compared to the listing directly. The exact quote of the exchange listing fee can be gotten by contacting TheCoinRise team via this channel.

As noted, we are able to achieve this through our bilateral agreement with multiple exchanges. We also connect our clients with the exchange’s representatives for future collaboration or business partnership. 

More Than Token Listing Services

While our service is specifically hinged on helping our clients list on Bithumb and other trading platforms, we literally offer much more value across the board. We help the project gain visibility which would have been otherwise very costly.

We do this by leveraging our massively followed blockchain and crypto news media platform, and social media to promote our client’s tokens. This is in addition to the push that we will give the token that will make the primary exchange feature the native token on their platform’s front page.  

We consider our token listing service as our contribution to helping the high number of startups working together to promote the Web3.0 ecosystem.

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