London-Based BVNK Launches Digital Asset Financial Services Platform

London based financial services provider BVNK has launched its digital asset platform to increase access to crypto based services 1
London based financial services provider BVNK has launched its digital asset platform to increase access to crypto based services 1

London-based financial services platform, BVNK, has launched its digital asset platform. By so doing, it intends to eliminate the hurdles that keep fast-growth financial services providers and businesses from maximizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

The platform aims to set new global standards for digital asset financial services from its European headquarters.

The new business model will assist companies such as fintech companies, private banks, and corporate service providers in offering digital asset financial services to the customers through a BVNK Business Account.

According to the report, the platform intends to increase the accessibility of crypto financial services to its clientele. Firms would manage their payments, treasury, and investment digital asset transactions from a single account.

BVNK’s management team includes financial experts from the fintech, cryptocurrency, and conventional finance sectors.

The CEO, Jesse Hemson-Struthers, brings his prior experience as erstwhile CEO of Coindirect to the table. Hemson-Struthers asserts that the low-interest yields and “outdated” infrastructure of traditional markets have helped increase the attractiveness of crypto assets.

“There is a clear appetite among mid-market enterprises for financial services rooted in the world of cryptocurrencies,” he commented.

BVNK believes that a regular reportage on all involved indicators is equally as crucial as reporting the gains themselves. The company declared its commitment to transparency in its routine operations and information delivery to customers.

The start-up hosts different subsidiaries in helping customers assess specific parts of its digital asset financial services. BVNK Yield allows customers to invest their capital and earn interests. The interface also hosts BVNK Insights, which offers market intelligence services to assist customers in making informed decisions. With BVNK Markets, customers can trade in large volumes of digital assets.

Hemson-Struthers further explained that traditional banks and mainstream financial institutions would take some time before incorporating digital assets.

While speaking, he also said, “existing crypto platforms only serve the extreme ends of the customer-spectrum–that is, either small-scale retail customers or multi-million dollar institutional clients.”

According to Hemson-Struthers, BVNK wants to bridge the gap in the mid-market and become a go-to platform for digital assets financial services globally.