LustCoins full project review – Prediction x30 profit


With around $3 trillion in global market cap ATH, the crypto space is a booming industry. From this, decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized apps (DApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and now Community Coins, have emerged. Among these, Community coins are taking the general public by storm. In fact, many dubs 2022 as the year of DAO and Community cryptocurrencies. That said, another Community coin called Lust Coin is up to spice the competition.

What is LustCoins?

Introduced in September 2021, LustCoins ($LUST) is the newest community token with an ambitious and initiative idea of bringing education and cryptocurrency together by introducing the Learn to Earn platform to the world. A platform that gives token as a reward to its Academy users. They put their primary focus on educating vulnerable community members to raise awareness about Sexual Abuse, Discrimination against LGBTQ, Violence and Body Shame with the aim of early detection and intervention. In its first weeks, Lust quickly developed a strong online presence among the trading community.

LustCoins Features

$Lust positions itself as a newly-risen market leader. Of its plethora of features, here are some, a holder should take note of.

DeFi Exchange (LWAP) with unique fix rate staking opportunity

Lust is one of the very rare projects that offer a massive fix rate APY stake rewards, up to 120% for their holders, unlike many other tokens in which the staking APY percentage fluctuate during the staking process and you never know how much reward you will get, if you stake your Lust in their staking platform you will get guaranteed fix rate of rewards in the form of mix LWP (Lust Coins utility token) and Lust tokens 

Token Burn

So far LustCoins burned over 5% of the total supply by sending tokens to dead BSC wallets and based on what WhitePaper and RoadMap suggest, there will be another 20% burn-in 2022. A great plan to manage the supply and demands in the market especially in long term.

CEX Listing

Obviously, one of the success indicators of any Crypto project is their acceptance level in reputable CEX platforms, which can open a door to new markets for every new project. Lust has been listed in in November 2021, one of the growing exchanges ranked 71 in and they are listed in, trading starts on the 22nd of February. A well-known exchange ranked 40th on and based on the project team press release, they will be in another exchange within the top-25 of the world by the 10th of March. An impressive outcome to show the level of acceptance of Lust in the Crypto world.  

LustCoins’ Learn-to-Earn Platform

In addition, LustCoins is creating an ecosystem around social education, a model which will be expanded to any other education type if their stage one will be successfully delivered. Online education has been on the rise over the past few years but has especially exploded in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, so just imagine if this industry merge with cryptocurrency in a paid platform to grow, this will be a new revolution. 

NFT Market Place and NFT collections

Having the community involved and with continuous updates, Lust NFT marketplace will start in early March on 3 main NFT networks, including ETH, Polygon, and BSC and soon they will support the Solana network too. By opening time, Lust will present several artistic NFT collections created by artists from different backgrounds including LGBTQ or victims of sexual abuse, a noble act to expand the diversity of their community and also walk towards their goal of raising community awareness. 

$Lust Tokenomics

Based on its whitepaper, the following data briefly explains $Lust’s tokenomics:

  • Total Supply – 1,000,000,000
  • Total Burn – 250,000,000
  • Academy back up – 300,000,000
  • Founders and Project team – 170,000,000
  • Liquidity – 280,000,000

Groundbreaking Statistics

In just a few weeks after its launch, LustCoins has already posed itself as one of the top community coins today. Here are the following milestones that Lust Coin has achieved in just two weeks:

  • Successful launch, private, and presale stages
  • Listing in CMC, CoinSniper, TheCoinInfo one month after the launch
  • Burned over 50 m tokens, representing more than 5% of the total supply
  • Built and maintained a strong community across all major social media platforms
  • Hit over the $70 million market cap at an all-time-high (ATH)
  • Gained over 3000x in just a month and currently placed at 700x from the listing price
  • Delivered DeFi exchange, staking platforms, NFT collection distribution, 3 major CEX listing, and NGO partnership

Current Price Analysis of Lust

As it is clear in the weekly chart below, following a massive pump at first month, Lust price experienced the first correction move, but huge community support in addition to BTC hitting an all-time high at $69 k Lust price pumped up and break the previous ATH and set the current ATH around $0.065. 

Obviously, taking all holders into a huge profit by doing almost x3000, it comes to profit-taking phase and that was where the selling pressure started. This coupled with the sharp fall of BTC which took the entire market into a panic sell mood and reduced the Lust liquidity pool value by more than 60% (Lust is a BSC coin and the liquidity paired with BNB- during the market fall BNB price dropped from almost $700 to $318), however with the support and extraordinary works of the project team, the price stabled above the support level of $0.01. 

Currently, the chart has been formed a big bullish flag pattern which can push the price above $0.3 which is almost x30 from the current price, providing a great investment opportunity.


As the crypto industry continues to grow, cryptocurrencies like Lust coins will keep on emerging. With its enticing features and much anticipated Learn-to-earn, it is without a doubt one of the most talked-about cryptos right now.

A listing on the Coinsbit and other exchanges is drawing closer, $Lust could go up as more holders will join the club.



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