McCain Foods Promotes Regenerative Farming With Metaverse Game


Canada-based multinational frozen food company McCain Foods has joined the list of companies and brands budding in the Metaverse ecosystem.

The potato products producer has launched a metaverse game in collaboration with online game creation platform Roblox and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) cryptocurrency-themed fast food Bored & Hungry. 

Together, they intend to enlighten the public about the challenges encountered in the farming industry as well as introduce many young farmers to the benefits of regenerative farming methods.

The game dubbed ‘Farms of the Future game’ allows interested customers to plant potatoes and watch them grow. The game has been integrated into the Roblox Livetopia game and is available globally.

Also, McCain introduced a new product, Regen Fries as an integral of the #SaveOurSoil Initiative.

To play the ‘Farms of the Future game’, customers will apply regenerative farming methods which were equally used to grow Regen Fries potatoes. The method provides an avenue to build soil health, improve biodiversity, and enhance on-farm resilience to climate change. 

“We believe regenerative agriculture is vital in trying to make the global food system more sustainable. If we don’t change the way we farm, the implications are bleak – and we cannot allow that to happen. Working together with farmers and consumers, we want to enable and speed the transition to regenerative farming practices,” said Christine Kalvenes, McCain’s Global Head of Innovation and Marketing.

McCain Metaverse Targets Young Customers And Farmers

A few of these regenerative farming methods are planting cover crops, integrating livestock through rotational grazing and encouraging biodiversity. Players can only earn points and other rewards when they engage these practices.

Speaking of the target audience of the newly launched game, Kalvenes added “It is important we reach out to younger consumers with the right message, in the right location, at the right moments of receptivity – meeting them where they are. This will be important in raising awareness for building a more sustainable food system through regenerative agriculture.”

In the end, McCain Food plan to have implemented regenerative farming practices globally by 2030. Retail against Walmart also joined the metaverse to promote its brand with the release of two new Roblox experiences. Markedly, the metaverse has been declared to be one of the least affected by the crispy crypto winter, according to DappRadar.

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