Meme King 2024: Which Meme Coin Will 100x This Year?


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Memecoins are hot this year, and their incredible staying power hints that they could even dominate this cycle. They have rapidly evolved beyond what investors saw in the last cycle, and they are becoming increasingly entrenched in the digital asset culture. Whenever anybody asks what cryptos to buy now, somebody invariably suggests a memecoin.

But not all memecoins are created equal, and finding that special 100X gem amongst the masses is a tall order for anyone. Today, it is time for an investigation. Which meme crypto will 100X in 2024? dogwifhat ($WIF), ApeMax ($APEMAX), or Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) 100X Loading

Galaxy Fox is one of 2024’s most exciting opportunities. This presale provides investors who missed the bear market lows last year another opportunity to buy a criminally undervalued token, and 100X predictions for $GFOX are already flooding in from analysts.

The unique hybrid model of Galaxy Fox blending GameFi elements and memecoin dynamics is why $GFOX is listed as one of the top cryptos to buy right now. Its Web3 runner game pays out prizes to top players. NFT ownership introduces a new layer to gameplay, with holders of these digital assets unlocking in-game stat bonuses.

An ongoing revitalization of P2E projects helps explain Galaxy Fox’s breakout presale funding success. More than 2.4 billion tokens have been sold, and with Stage 7 already 93% subscribed, only the fast movers will enjoy the coming 15% increase as it moves into Stage 8.

The Stargate module plays a critical role in this ecosystem, directing payouts to all $GFOX stakers. This straightforward passive income play will drive massive demand when Galaxy Fox launches on the open market. $GFOX’s deflationary nature is another great value accrual mechanism, and the memeable characters and aesthetic are the icing on the cake.

Galaxy Fox has all the traits of a 100Xer and is easily one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy this quarter while still in its presale phase. This is the moment of maximal financial opportunity for early investors, and Galaxy Fox’s launch later this year promises to be explosive. 

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Dogwifhat ($WIF) Hat Stays On

dogwifhat is Solana’s ($SOL) second-largest memecoin after Bonk ($BONK) and is undoubtedly on-chain degens’ favorite project. Bonk single-handedly brought memecoining to the Solana network, and $WIF is the next project to carry the baton. Always mentioned on X whenever anybody posts asking what cryptos to buy now.

But can $WIF 100X in 2024? dogwifhat has already 100Xed and then some. With a market cap of nearly $400 million, investors are way too late to this trade. Already listed on several major centralized exchanges, anybody buying $WIF now will likely become exit liquidity for those who bought last year. $WIF is an excellent and popular project, but it will most likely not 100X this year. The secret to memecoins is to buy early during the presale! 

ApeMax ($APEMAX) Boost-To-Earn

ApeMax is a new project introducing a ‘Boost-to-Earn’ staking mechanism that enables $APEMAX token holders to earn rewards. They boost their favorite project and earn staking rewards. The project additionally features loot boxes, and although it has several intriguing mechanisms, many experts are concerned about the large percentage of tokens to be distributed as rewards.

Could ApeMax 100X in 2024? Potentially. However, it will be an uphill battle against the inflationary tokenomics model. Experts naturally favor tokens like $GFOX, with its down-only total supply as the most realistic contender to 100X this year. 

Closing Thoughts: Narratives Trades Will Dominate 2024

This year will be phenomenal for digital assets, and memecoins are poised to be the biggest gainers of 2024. But what cryptos to buy now to net a 100X later this year?

Galaxy Fox is the obvious frontrunner among its competition due to its dual narrative support. Its broad market appeal, solid tokenomics, and deflationary nature make it an easy pick, and investors can join this exciting journey by participating in the presale today. 

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