MicroStrategy Seek BTC Software Engineer to Build SaaS Platform

American technology company MicroStrategy has put up a vacancy advert for the position of a Bitcoin (BTC) Software Engineer who will oversee the Lightning Network-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Specifically, the software engineer will create a SaaS platform with innovations around e-commerce and cybersecurity while utilizing BTC and Lightning Network.

Based on the job listing, the software engineer together with his team will provide businesses with “innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges and [enable] new e-commerce use-cases.”

These solutions will help companies compute and manage data of a large number of employees and at the same time combat cyber crimes and other cyber security challenges. 

As part of the qualification criteria, applicants must possess knowledge and experience in a similar position. Applicants must have built software solutions leveraging BTC Blockchain and Lightning Network.

Although consideration was mentioned for applicants who are only familiar with other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technologies. Generally, the applicant must possess at least two years of experience as a software developer. In addition, applicants should be a contributor to the Bitcoin core, and other crypto and large open source projects.

The MicroStrategy R&D team has shown commitment to developing a range of Lightning solutions, including a Lightning wallet, enterprise servers, and enterprise authentication. 

MicroStrategy Chairman Bullish on BTC

Michael Saylor who is now MicroStrategy Executive Chairman after he stepped down from his role as Chief Executive Officer is quite bullish on Bitcoin.

Recently, he compared the crypto coin to physical assets saying that ‘it is better than physical properties for commoners’. He believes that once the Lightning solutions roll out, it will influence BTC adoption across 10 million prospective customers. 

Saylor argues that the BTC Lightning Network is the most significant technology developed in the world of technology.

“The ethos of bitcoin is to go very carefully and not move fast on the base layer without the universal consensus, but in Lightning, you can move much more aggressively developing functionality and take more risks with the applications than you can with the underlying Bitcoin layer,” Saylor outlined 

Almost two weeks ago, the firm increased its Bitcoin holding by purchasing 301 BTC units at $6 million. Now, the firm has a total of 130,000 units hoarded.