Monero Price (XMR) Rallies Despite Heavy Market Pressure


The crypto market is giving a mixed indication since the beginning of the day. The coins opened with a bullish trend, but now most of them are trading with loss. However, there are still some coins that have managed to keep the uptrend intact. Monero Price, XMR coin has kept it in the same group.

Yesterday, Monero Price was spotted touching a high at $65.71 and a low at $62.11. The volume marked was at $208,429,249.

Monero Price Analysis

Yesterday, the XMR coin started dealing at $62.170. The price escalated to $65 by 4.55%. The price slipped in the later hour and touched $63.055 by 2.01%. Further, Monero price escalated to $64.395 by 2.12%. The price dropped to $63.502 by 1.37%. The escalation in the final hours took the coin to $65.567 by 3.25%. The intraday improvement in the coin reflected escalation by 5.44%. Today, the currency started falling from the opening hours. The price counters changed from $65.567 to $63.821 by 2.69%. In the later hours, Monero’s price moved to $64.745 by 1.45% hike.

Monero XMR Price Analysis Chart
Monero XMR Price Analysis Chart [ TradingView ]

As per the above-given XMR chart, the recent hours are reflecting improvement signs. The price is currently at $64.643. The growth in the coin is indicating positive signs. There is a slight possibility for Monero to cross the immediate resistance level at $66.66.

Resistance LevelPriceSupport LevelPrice

Monero is a high potential coin. The currency is speculated to give good results in the long run. Hence, long-term investment is suggested for the traders.

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