MOVEZ Spikes 30x from its IDO Price after OKX Listing


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MoveZ, the latest blockchain-based platform to crack into the popular move-to-earn space, is spearheading the crypto recovery. Hours after listing on the reputable cryptocurrency exchange, OKX, the MOVEZ token is up 30x from its IDO price.

Listing on Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The surge in market valuation is massive for MoveZ and MOVEZ token holders. Specifically, it is enough to indicate the project’s solid foundation and its creators’ ambition to carve out market share in the highly competitive Move-to-Earn space. 

The MOVEZ token has been listed on, among other exchanges, ByBit,, and MEXC. These regulatory compliant exchanges are among the most liquid, with millions of users. Observers note that this listing would boost MOVEZ’s liquidity, allowing other investors to swiftly convert their tokens or coins for MOVEZ and ride on the bullish wave.

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The MoveZ IDO

Listing at OKX is less than a month following the conclusion of its IDO on four launchpads – BSCPad, PolyPad, MetaVPad, and GameZone. Notably, approved investors raced to buy the extremely limited market cap of $55,000 which sold out in ten minutes. For each USD invested, early adopters received 100k MOVEZ, a discount of 99 percent. The fact that the IDO sold out so fast points to compound buying pressures – which have already been seen – leading the market direction in the coming days and weeks.

Why MoveZ is Dominating Headlines

Setting their sights on defunct giants like StepN, MoveZ is rewarding fitness and has released a revolutionary and decentralized product accessible to all users, and the protocol’s creators are leveraging the blockchain to implement a sustainable Burn-to-Earn model. Regardless of geographic location, MoveZ users will be rewarded for participating in fitness activities like walking, cycling, surfing, or lifting weights in the gym. In fact, any activity existing on earth can be rewarded in the user’s favorite coins, giving MoveZ a serious leg up on the competition.

MoveZ’s goal is to incentivize millions of people toward a healthy lifestyle. At the core, MoveZ will use the BURNZ utility token while MOVEZ is for governance. Unlike other protocols, MoveZ users don’t have to own NFTs to participate. Instead, MoveZ will provide a variety of access routes, allowing users to simply access its move-to-earn mechanics by staking MOVEZ, or through several simplified onboarding options.

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What’s more, is that the project is powered by BlueZilla, a renowned crypto business accelerator and incubator. MoveZ will leverage BlueZilla’s immense network to release a functional product to reward early adopters. As an illustration, one of BlueZilla’s incubated projects, WagyuSwap, was one of the top-performing IDOs in 2021, with an average ROI of 85X, and Bluezilla famously launched ⅓ of the most successful IDOs of 2021.

The Future is Bright for MOVEZ

The success of WagyuSwap and BlueZilla’s impressive track record will be the much-needed tailwinds for MOVEZ in the days and weeks ahead. With imminent partnerships, and a mobile app within two weeks after listing, it would seem the token has more upside yet. 

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