Multisend – ERC20 Token Airdropper goes Live!


Multisend – ERC20 Token Airdropper goes Live! Distribute to thousands of addresses with a single transaction fee!

Multisend is a tool which allows for the mass distribution of ERC-20 Tokens to multiple wallet addresses with a single transaction fee.

The new tool, developed by the Digital Asset Group, allows a single user to effectively ‘airdrop’ tokens to thousands of addresses with 3 simple steps at the cost of a SINGLE transaction. Who might be interested in using this? Anyone that is conducting bounty campaigns, anyone that wants to promote their project / brand / organisation and wants to reward its users or advocates.

So how does it work? Firstly, the user would need to have a list of addresses in a CSV file which then needs to be uploaded. Next, Multisend scans the addresses and makes sure that everything is in order, e.g. that all addresses exist, that there are no duplicates and that all are ERC-20. The user needs to approve & simply press send! That’s it. Airdropping made simple.

Tutorial video

Multisend is also looking into implementing a ‘credit system’ whereby the user saves on platform fees by purchasing ‘credits’ in advance. The credits are added to your Ethereum address and cover all platform-related fees (not including Ethereum network gas fees).

 Other than that, Multisend will also feature a ‘push’ and ‘pull’ system. Historically, most airdrops are done in a ‘push’ fashion, whereby all user addresses are collected and the airdrop is ‘pushed’ to all of those addresses, with the sender having to bear the transaction fees. ‘Pull’ however, implies that the airdrop recipients are able to claim their airdrop rewards from the ‘pot’, meaning that the receiver has to bear the transaction fees. All unclaimed tokens are to remain in the airdrop owner’s wallet.

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