National Geographic Receives Backlash after Floating First NFT Collections

National Geographic magazine has received negative feedback from the public after announcing the launch of its inaugural Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, a series of images with a focus on different locations photographed at dawn. 

National Geographic announced last week that it was launching its own NFT; the Nat Geo Genesis NFT Collection to commemorate its 135th anniversary. The magazine highlighted that the Collection represents its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovative storytelling for the next 135 years.

Nat Geo made the announcement via social media to get its audience ready for the NFT drop on Polygon, which went live this week. Following the launch, it received negative comments instead.

The dislike appears to be shared by a large number of people, as many users lashed out at the magazine on Twitter in response pointing at obvious flaws in the entire drop. One user said the minting process was a complete failure, while another user @angyts.eth said the process is a waste of time.

National Geographic also received additional criticism aside from the negative comments when several technical issues were discovered while some users tried minting.

Most NFT artists, on the other hand, used the medium to defend Nat Geo NFTs, implying that the majority of rebel fans weren’t well-versed in digital collectibles.

Web3.0 Entities Have a History With Pushbacks

The negative comments received by Nat Geo will not be the first in the blockchain industry. For instance, Quartz, an NFT project by Ubisoft, received a large percentage of dislike from the online community after announcing its launch. The project was created to incorporate NFTs and blockchain into existing Triple-A gaming titles.

In a similar situation, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, also got his own share of attacks recently, which originated from his stance in the lawsuit between Ripple and SEC, where he was alleged of cooperating with the regulator. 

Subsequently, he announced in December that he will no longer discuss Ripple or its native coin, XRP, due to the harsh criticism he has received from the community.