Next Earth’s Token Launch is Almost Here

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash
Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

We’ve seen a host of metaverse projects in the last 12 months. And one theme we’ve been noticing is this lack of definition, action plan, direction even… But this week, we’ve come across Next Earth, and needless to say, we’re pretty excited…

With over 180,000 registered users and 30,000 virtual landowners, this NFT-based replica of Earth has a proven user base and a clear vision for the future of the metaverse. The team is currently preparing its token launch for January 27th, 2022, which will take place on the newly introduced Next Earth Launchpad. 

Any Next Earth user owning at least $100 worth of land can participate in the DEX-based token pre-sale, starting on January 22nd, after which token holders will be able to stake NXTT on their land to earn rewards and gain access to other bonuses.

Next Earth is creating a fully DAO-controlled, interoperable, totally democratized Metaverse where users have true digital ownership over their avatars. Next Earth leverages the surface of the Earth as a starting point for the project, with virtual landowners becoming active participants in the Next Earth economy. 

The team has already seen success with its NFT marketplace, which has seen 2,418 transactions, worth $717,843. This marketplace will be a key part of the Next Earth economy, with virtual landowners able to sell businesses, participate in the DAO governing the Metaverse and receive income for the activity that takes place on the platform.

Next Earth is committed to using its success for good, donating 10% of its total income to environmental initiatives, including The Ocean Cleanup, SEE Turtles, Kiss the Ground, and Amazon Watch

These initiatives play a key role in Next Earth’s mission of mitigating climate change and restoring the planet’s ecosystems. The allocation of Next Earth’s proceeds is divided amongst these charities by a DAO-based community vote, in which virtual landowners can participate.

The team has also been involved in several major sales, including the purchase of New York MET for $100 and its resale for $32,000. Other sales include Pyramids, the colosseum, many stadiums, and other points of interest at similar values. We’ll be heading over to their livestream today at 17:00 in EU time to find out more!

Of course, Next Earth isn’t alone in the virtual land space, but they differentiate themselves with their focus on creating a self-sustaining Metaverse economy. What’s for sure is that there’s a lot of promise here – we’ll be keeping our eyes on Next Earth in the coming months.