‘NFT God’ Loses Entire Digital Asset Holding to Hacker

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Non-fungible token (NFT) influencer monikered ‘NFT God’ on Twitter has been a victim of a massive hack that drained all his digital assets.

He mistakenly downloaded malware-infested software which was disguised behind a Google ad link. By merely clicking on this malicious link, he gave the hacker control over all his social media accounts and unrestricted access to his NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The victim confirmed the attack in a long series of tweets where he explained that he had only tried to download an industry-standard video streaming software known as OBS before misfortune struck.

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After downloading the OBS from a sponsored advert on Google instead of the official website, Alex ‘NFT God’ installed the software. At first, there was no cause for concern until he began to receive messages that his Twitter account had been compromised.

Hacker Gains Control Over Crypto Wallets

Already, the hacker had posted a scam tweet on the hijacked account which he later deleted. In addition to gaining access to his Twitter, Substack, Gmail, Discord, and wallets, the hacker sent out emails to his Substack community members and according to NFT God, this particular community means more to him than the stolen assets.

“Last night my entire digital livelihood was violated. Every account connected to me both personally and professionally was hacked and used to hurt others. Less importantly, I lost a life changing amount of my net worth,” the first tweet in the thread explained “The final shoe has dropped. The creative outlet I care about more than anything else was under siege. The hackers were sending emails from my Substack to my 16,000 subscribers.”

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Furthermore, he described the level of significance of the latter action of the hacker “My Substack means more to me than anything in my life that’s not a human being. It’s where I create my most deeply personal work. It’s where I built my community. It’s the personal achievement I’m most proud of in my life. It was now at risk of being destroyed.”

Based on the analysis, it was discovered that the hacker made away with 19 Ether (ETH) worth around $27,000, a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT with a floor price of 16 ETH ($25,000), and some other NFTs.

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