NFT Security Startup Optic Pulls $11M in Seed Financing Round

Optic, a Web3.0 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) startup has pulled the sum of $11 million in seed funding and was led by Kleiner Perkins and Pantera Capital, with participation from Greylock Partners, Lattice Capital, OpenSea, Circle, Polygon, CoinDCX, Neon DAO, and Flamingo DAO amongst others.

As contained in an email press release shared with TheCoinRise, counterfeiting is one of the most common security threats in the NFT world alongside copyright infringements and Optic has designed an AI-powered solution that can help marketplaces, brands, and media IP firms to identify these threats amongst the millions of NFTs that are flying around today.

Some of the backers of Optic particularly OpenSea count as one of the startups’ potential clients.

Optic and its Role in the Web3.0 World

As an outfit that has a commitment to help fight digital arts and general content piracy in the Web3.0 world, Optic is filling a gap that has been very visible for the better part of the blockchain ecosystem’s existence.

“We created Optic with a vision to become the ‘decentralized blue checkmark’ for NFTs—a protocol that gives the power to validate NFT collections and moderate content back to the web3 community, to fight scam and encourage legitimate creative collaboration,” said Andrey Doronichev, Co-founder and CEO, Optic. “By building a cross-chain content recognition AI, essentially a missing piece of core NFT infrastructure, we strive to make web3 the safest, most transparent, and profitable creator ecosystem to date.”

Some of the experiences Andrey brought into creating Optic were gained while working as the former Director of Product at Google who led Youtube’s Mobile team. Andrey helped build the ContentID product that YouTube used to fight piracy.

Optic is occupying a very vital niche in the Web3.0 content arena, and it is bound to find a massive use case in the emerging digital asset ecosystem.

“Pantera is proud to back Optic in its journey to solve the tremendous problem of NFT and media legitimacy. The team really understands the pain points around NFT authenticity, has produced AI infrastructure that is tailored toward our industry, and has demonstrated a real need by partnering with the largest NFT marketplace in OpenSea. Optic’s solution is necessary to expand NFTs to the mainstream,” said Paul Veradittakit, Partner, Pantera Capital, a VC that is known for backing the likes of Chiron Partners and Orderly Network