There has been a steadily growing interest in NFTs over the recent years globally
There has been a steadily growing interest in NFTs over the recent years globally


NFT Summit Istanbul 2022, organized by Meta Venture Fund, will be launched on May 28- 29 at Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center.

There has been a steadily growing interest in NFTs over the recent years globally.NFTs, the metaverse, blockchain and web3 captured everyone’s attention.. This is the perfect time to meet high-profile experts in web3 from all over the world, along with companies, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, students and all other participants.NFT Summit Istanbul invites everyone to the Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 28-29. 50 NFT artists from different countries will present their distinctive and original works,  specially designed for NFT Summit Istanbul alongside innovative and cutting edge technologies at the NFT Summit Istanbul, also

Expert names put the most trending topics in context.

High-profile technologists will discuss the most important topics on their companies’ agenda during keynotes, panels and individual session. NFT Summit Istanbul will focus on Digital Arts and NFT, WEB 3.0, Metaverse and Design, Blockchain, DEFI–CEX/DEX, Smart Contracts, economics, legal rights and investments.

Olof van Winden, the founder of TodaysArt – the internationally renowned network for festivals, art projects and collaborations; George Stampolis, General Manager of The Spicy Music; andSimon Morris, ConsenSys (MetaMask) Chief Strategy Officer are some of the most prominent speakers.

Humbl CEO Brian Foote, BoomHits CEO Jon Hook, Founder of Antenna NFT Katya Vinnikova, Bunch CEO Selcuk Atlı, CEO Buğra Ayaz, Co-Founder Doruk Eker, Firefly Chief Analytics Officer Dr. Taylan Yıldız and Inflow Network Co-Founder Afşın Avcı; who are some of the top players in the global NFT scene, will all be featured at the NFT Summit Istanbul.

Turkey’s leading NFT ecosystem contributors, such as Decol New Media Studio Founding Partner Nebi Cihan Çankaya, Ünsal Law Firm Managing Partner Burçak Ünsal and Aerospace Co-Founder Erim Varış are also some of the speakers of the summit. Additionally, newly implemented projects will broaden the horizons of the participants with their presentations in the Project Launch Area.

50 NFT artists around the world will exhibit their artworks

 Besides CEOs and company leaders, international NFT artists will be speakers and share their experiences. The organizers of the NFT Summit Istanbul are especially proud that, 50 globally renown NFT artists will join top Turkish artists under the special curation of TodaysArt and Decol to exhibit their art. All participants will be able to see the artworks designed especially for this summit, meet the artists and buy the works from the whitelist. NFT Summit Istanbul will prove to be the best place for networking during the exhibition, workshops, special network development events and social activities organized within the scope of NFT Summit Istanbul.

About Meta Venture Fund:

 Meta Venture Fund (MVF) is a New York USA-based institution acting as an incubator in web3 by investing in NFT, metaverse, tokenization, dApp and blockchain projects and companies. MVF with its affiliates and portfolio companies also provides 360-degree services for web3. Investing in the sectors of tomorrow with a large collective structure, MVF aims to create a network of companies, experts, thought leaders and digital artists to collaborate on web3 opportunities.

About NFT Summit İstanbul:

 This year’s motto: “The Future is Global and Decentralized”

With Web3 technologies, the world is changing. NFT is now the determinant of the agenda and trend. Connecting to the future is a necessity these days to shape the future. In Istanbul, where the world’s center and continents connect, experts, technology developers and digital artists come together.