NFTime: How Blockchain revolutionizes the Social Media sector

The past decade has been huge for the finance sector, with blockchain emerging as a revolutionary technology. Blockchain’s most popular concept cryptocurrency has led to faster, cheaper and efficient payment methods.

Blockchain has also shown itself to be beyond cryptocurrencies and finance with applications in different sectors like supply management, art and health. An emerging sector that blockchain can transform is the social media industry.

Despite their contributions to developing and populating the platform, the current social media industry is not built to incentivize users.

Users are seen as end customers and many social media platforms have policies that enable the closure of users accounts without prior notice. Blockchain technology provides a way to solve these problems by providing a decentralized and scalable ecosystem that incentivizes users. Few blockchain platforms intend to solve this problem and NFTime is one of these projects.

Blockchain meets Social Media

NFTtime is a blockchain-based marketplace and social media platform that enables users to interact with families, communities and has unique features for an immersive experience. Its social media ecosystem will also create an avenue to unite web 3.0 users and include a metaverse.

NFTime introduces many blockchain concepts including NFTs which play a significant role. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are special tokens that confer physical or digital asset ownership.

NFTime users will be able to mint their pictures and social media gallery as NFTs which can gain value and be traded on the dedicated marketplace for crypto. This innovative feature means that users can connect with others and earn within the social media platform.

Users with large following on NFTime can leverage their popularity by minting NFT collections and their fans or followers can pay to own this unique artwork. You can liken NFTime to a Facebook that enables users to fully own their images and mint them as NFTs that can be sold for money.

Metaverse is another interesting concept that NFTime will introduce. Metaverse enables users to have personalized interaction with others globally from the comfort of their homes. It includes virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

NFTime is creating a Meta gallery that will introduce NFTs in immersive graphics that users can view using VR gadgets like Oculus.

Users can access these utilities and more using its native token NFTM. NFTM is built on the Ethereum blockchain and leverages its decentralized and scalable architecture.

It also serves as reward token and users can tip friends, fans and followers with NFTM within the NFTime ecosystem. NFTime will be launching its IDO on December 15 with a dynamic Public Sale.

A total of 15 million NFTM tokens has been allocated and the IDO will be divided into 5 phases (3 million NFTM per phase). The price of NFTM will increase after each phase and early investors will be able to accumulate the tokens at the best possible price.

NFTime is also multichain and users will be able to send their NFT collections to other blockchains in the future.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain is no longer a futuristic technology and has shown that it can bring about innovation and NFTime shows this potential. Users will be excited with the prospect of networking with friends and communities combined with the ability to earn from minting NFTs.