While speaking at an earnings call, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), Andrew Wilson said that NFTs and play-to-earn games are definitely the future of the gaming industry. He admitted though, that it might just be too early to know exactly how, but it will surely happen.

Up until now, EA is well known for the pay-to-win business model it uses in most of its games. Having never tried its hand at the play-to-earn games, a summer job posting by EA may have hinted that the company is setting its sights on NFTs and blockchain.

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The popularity of game titles such as Axie Infinity shows that play-to-earn products would have no problems establishing a solid base of players.

Wilson holds a strong belief that collectible digital content will go on to play a pivotal role in the company’s future, given the fact that it totally goes well with EA games and live services. Admitting that it’s probably early to tell, he said that the company is presently in a good position to start thinking more creatively as they go forward.

Like we reported here at TheCoinrise, Ubisoft is another big name in the gaming sector who recently revealed its plans to start investing in blockchain-based gaming companies on the platform. Ubisoft was also one of the top backers during the $65 million funding round of NFT game developer Animoca Brands.

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