Nigerian Presidential Aspirant Promise to Deploy Crypto to Create Jobs

With Nigeria’s unending interest in crypto, the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Adebayo Adewole has given his word to the country to deploy technologies like cryptocurrencies to create jobs once elected.

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According to a Channels Television news on November 6 which had Adewole present, he declared his intention to partner with several companies to achieve his plans. Interestingly, he promised to create 30 million jobs so as to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. 

Meanwhile, he noted several areas where attention is needed urgently in the country. Some of these include education, infrastructure, agriculture, and health, among others and he promises to focus on those areas to make sure the country is repositioned. 

Adewole who is a board adviser to some teams with similar strategies intends to use his wealth of experience in creating jobs for other countries to help Nigeria. In his words, one can not rely on public expenditures alone, or else jobs won’t be created.

The presidential candidate went as far as meeting with people who can assist him in achieving his plans for the country. He met with the US Black and National Chamber and urged them to come to Nigeria to help create jobs.

Also, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, another presidential candidate from the All Progressive Congress has also promised to set up an advisory committee to review regulations that govern blockchain and virtual assets once elected. Similarly, he intends to put in place a regulatory framework that is business-friendly.

Nigerian Crypto Ecosystem to Drive Job Growth

Cryptocurrencies continue to see different use cases leading to their adoption globally. Hence, it has been proven that Nigeria tops the chart for crypto ownership as nearly half of its population uses or owns cryptocurrency which is an advancement for the country.

Recently, NACOS, an umbrella body for the Nigerian Association of Computing Students, partnered with UK-based blockchain solutions provider Domineum Blockchain to train over 100,000 of its members. The initiative is intended to add technological value across all sectors of the Nigerian economy and transition the country into a digital economy.

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