Noah’s Crypto Ark: most popular mascots in the Web3 universe


Crypto is not only about technology: the great deal of success in the sector depends on fun. Literally, the more fun users get when interacting with the project, the better community is built, and the higher results are achieved. This means stronger demand in any token distribution event, more loyalty from consumers, faster adoption through reference links and friendly advice, and so on.

While fundamental strength is obviously a prevailing factor in any project’s long-term development, visual and entertainment components shall not be overlooked. One big element here is the project’s mascot: instead of just posting a stylized octagonal symbol or a digital version of the starting letter, many decide to go further and create a true character to support the legend. In many cases, this choice becomes a major hit.

Metamask’s Smart Fox

Metamask is one of the oldest and probably the most popular crypto wallet that enables users to browse the Ethereum blockchain. As of October 2022, there were over 21 million people in the world who use Metamask more or less regularly.

The project’s logo was initially a tribute to the general anonymity of blockchain and decentralized applications that run on Ethereum. Things have changed a lot since that time with Metamask becoming regulators-complaint and banning users both individually and in groups. Ethereum, after moving from PoW to PoS consensus, also definitely became more ‘authorities managed’ and less centralized.

However, the beloved logo of an animated fox still reminds us of the ability to camouflage or melt into one’s abutting without being noticed. This animal clearly remains one of the noble, loyal, and trusted friends we have in the DLT universe.


Dogecoin cutie, Shiba Inu

Doge became an internet meme in 2013. The shiba inu breed gained popularity for many years, yet the main reason Dogecoin adopted the Shiba Inu dog symbol is due to the Shiba that saved its family in the 2004 Yamajoshi earthquake in Japan. It seemed like a joke to many, but the Shiba was celebrated for its loyalty and being a true friend.

By the end of the year, on December 8 to be precise, Dogecoin was launched as a “joke currency” by Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon. This Bitcoin fork initially was not intended to become the blockchain star but thanks to Elon Musk multiple praising tweets the coin went viral and climbed to top-10 in market capitalization.

Several years later the Shiba Inu symbol was cemented in another completely meme coin/token, SHIB. The cryptocurrency named Shiba Inu was created in August 2020 by an anonymous person or group known as Ryoshi, dubbing itself the ‘Dogecoin killer’. From the very beginning, there was little doubt about high concentration of the coin holding, and numerous pumps and dumps nothing but supported the statement. However, people do love dogs, don’t they?

Wisdom of the owl in Gnosis

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction open-source market developed on the Ethereum network. It permits users to create markets to predict future outcomes or events like election and sports games results. It’s created to provide a safe platform and eccentric experiences for its users.

Gnosis is a Greek word meaning knowledge. Gnosis blockchain uses an owl as its brand. An own signifies that it can see what others can’t and an ethos of true wisdom. The owl in Gnosis portrays sharp details, giving off an unstoppable and fierce notion. Since one needs the knowledge to predict in a decentralized market, its name and symbol perfectly match since an owl symbolizes independent thinking, intuition, wisdom, and knowledge. amazing startup masters is a free-to-play simulator of a startup in virtual silicon valley called San Crypto. The game uses play-to-earn mechanics, thus incentivizing active players as they progress. The gameplay is designed to satisfy both ‘spenders’ who want to upgrade faster and scale up their startups, and ‘earners’ who can benefit from actively participating in the ecosystem. As a result, there is a fine balance between fun gameplay and earnings, and the game doesn’t require any starting capital or paid items to have fun.

Not surprisingly, the project employs several very memorable mascots resembling members of a real start-up team.

One of them is Dealan, a great entrepreneur and the leader of four desperate startupers. Dealan is the collective image of a typical trickster: an irresponsible, hilarious conman. He is made of cheeky banter, demonstrative independence and disregard for propriety. Extremely inventive and resourceful, Dealan attracts female’s attention and makes the most of it. He likes noisy parties, doesn’t miss any of the town’s gossip and he’s always looking for a bargain.

What can we say about number two, Evrik, you know, everyone has a friend like that. He is that nice guy, the humble genius and the main generator of ideas. A 100% team player, Evrik always comes to the aid of his colleagues. He is passionate about his work, gushing with ideas, dedicated to the project. He’s not looking for glory, he’s fine as he is.

Then there’s Shark aka Meta L. Recently switched to vegetarianism and suffering from it, Meta L is an introvert and also a very talented designer. He lives in his own creative world and doesn’t like to talk much. There are always two things in his pocket: a notebook full of sketches of fish skeletons and a season ticket to the swimming pool to learn to swim.

Gua, a classic ‘good girl’ endowed with natural beauty, has а perfectionist syndrome and a lot of complexes to boot. After losing her twin sister, she accidentally finds herself in the role of HR admin at a start-up. She is severely insecure and shy around people. There are rumors she moonlights as a webcam model. It’s not confirmed 🙂

Chip Polina is a boring scientist-engineer and a sexy onion at the same time, she brings men to tears with her sarcastic jokes. She has 300 IQ and dreams of entering the human world. She goes from being a bore to a rebel at parties.

Uniswap’s unicorn

While allows you to build a unicorn, Uniswap, which is a DEX that operates on the Ethereum ecosystem and enables users to swap and earn on a decentralized crypto trading protocol, chose unicorn as its brand logo.

A unicorn symbolizes purity, gentleness, beauty, grace, freedom, innocence, and divine love. Uniswap’s main objective was to create an easy-to-navigate decentralized exchange to permit users to take part in the open crypto markets. Therefore, to lower complexity Uniswap had to use a unicorn logo to create the aspect of approachability, memorability, and fun.

More animals in the zoo

The list doesn’t end here. Many protocols used mascots, such as squirrel (NeuCoin), pangolin (Pangolin Swap), dolphins (TrueFlip), Pancake Swap that had a funny rabbit on their logo.

Clearly, blockchain technology is a battlefield for not only developers and coders. Designers and marketing professionals do have a saying here, and the audience clearly appreciates some of their efforts.

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