Nodeseeds Incubates Play-to-Earn MMORPG Era Spheres


With the work done by Nodeseeds, the Era Spheres GameFi project is ready for success.

Breaking Down Walls

Many barriers to entry remain in crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). From technical hurdles to minimum investment requirements, the intersection of cutting-edge technology and financial applications boasts many pitfalls. Thankfully, there are solutions.

Nodeseeds has helped investors navigate the often-complicated DeFi investment landscape since early 2021. In this time, they’ve experienced a whirlwind of success. The Nodeseeds team and community know what it takes to identify promising investment opportunities. They successfully democratize access to private investment rounds in DeFi by pooling capital in transparent and incentivized ways!

Nodeseeds now boasts a healthy and diversified crypto portfolio composed of Web3. DeFi, and GameFi assets. Having achieved so much success in such a short amount of time, the agile team and community stand ready to take more responsibility in the industry by providing material support to young, promising teams and projects. By stepping into project incubation and acceleration roles, Nodeseeds stands to offer even greater levels of value to the community and investors.

Through interpolating the experience of navigating a highly complicated investment landscape to advising young teams on project parameters, Nodeseeds demonstrates a culture of leaving no stone unturned when it comes to fostering mutual wins. The team has been hard at work collaborating with the flagship incubation project, Era Spheres, a highly engaging GamiFi MMORPG!

Incubating Era Spheres – A Journey

Work on Era Spheres began in late Q3 2021 when the research phase of the project began. One of the perks offered by Nodeseeds’ incubation service comes in the form of a dedicated and modular research process. Through this incubation stage, the team’s original vision receives conceptual support via a rigorous comparative and market viability analysis. This process gives teams a better understanding of the development landscape, potential partners and competitors, and unique selling points to help their project stand out from the crowd.

Simultaneously, work began on the initial character design and concept art for the game environment. These processes yielded visual aids and a conceptual framework. These greatly aid how the Era Spheres team conveys the scope and scale of the project to the growing community and potential investors. The professionalism derived from rigorous market analysis and the preparation of documentation makes it easier to onboard additional team members. Era Spheres now boasts a healthy and growing list of talented team members and advisors who share the vision to bring this exciting MMORPG to life!

Era Spheres is the first of many projects incubated by Nodeseeds. Using the modular incubation and acceleration templates outlined above, the team demonstrates the viability of their unique and agile approach. With additional projects currently undergoing incubation with Nodeseeds, the team and community remain encouraged by this new value-add. In the ever-growing worlds of crypto and DeFi, Nodeseeds continues to expand its service offerings that help to demystify and democratize access to this exciting new digital revolution!

About Era Spheres

Enter the world of Era Spheres, an engaging GameFi MMORPG that harkens back to the online gaming culture of decades past. True to its roots, Era Spheres rewards players who collaborate in their fights through the twisted landscape of the Sphere. Explore the action-packed overworld and crawl through dank dungeons and raids searching for rare loot that has intrinsic value in Era Spheres’ native currency.

Play as a Warden, Spellcaster, or Prodigy as you hone your skills and reclaim the Sphere from the gnarled monsters that now inhabit it. The Sphere’s magic waned in the recent past, leaving humanity weak and vulnerable. Monsters overran, nearly wiping out human civilization. However, the Sphere’s magic has once again roared to life, offering a glimmer of hope. Can you and your companions turn the tide of battle and secure your place in the history of Era Spheres? Find out in the upcoming release of Era Spheres later in 2022! 

For more information about Era Spheres, visit the following links:


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