NYDIG Enters Into BSP Partnership With New York Yankees

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Bitcoin (BTC) fintech company, NYDIG entered into a payroll scheme partnership with a prestigious sports team, the New York Yankees. This partnership is a multi-year deal between the iconic sports masters and the regulated Bitcoin firm. Sportsmen of the New York Yankees will have access to the NYDIG Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP).

Earlier this year, New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) broadcasted a new payment benefits scheme for employees. The scheme dubbed Bitcoin Savings Plan permits employees to convert a portion of their salaries to BTC. The percentage of the salary which is converted is solely decided by the employee.

Several companies and employees embraced the innovative idea. Results from a conducted survey indicated that over 33% of employees under thirty were quite receptive to the suggestion. Others who are older did not fully accept it. Just a little over 11% of those above 60 welcomed the BSP. 

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As an incentive, no trading or transaction cost will be charged on the converted bitcoins. The crypto will be held in the NYDIG 100% cold repository system which is a secure way to store BTC. 

NYDIG Promotes ‘Bringing Bitcoin For All’ 

The National Football League (NFL) superstar, Drew Brees was among the first to express their interest in the BSP. He decided to convert an undisclosed portion of his earnings to BTC. 

A few weeks ago, one of the Big 4 in the accounting industry, Deloitte entered into a partnership with NYDIG to integrate BTC into its operations. Standing to benefit from the deal, Deloitte wishes to harness the partnership to offer a wide range of BTC offerings to its customers globally. 

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Deloitte consults for over 7000 private firms and a significant amount of the Fortune 500 firms. For NYDIG, the partnership deal with Deloitte will help promote its scheme faster by utilizing the huge clientele base that the accounting firm possesses. 

So far, with the New York Yankees baseball team, NYDIG is still seeking a system of ‘bringing Bitcoin for all’.  Aryn Sobo, Yankees VP of human resources regards partnership as an innovative approach to expand and improve its employee experience.

Kelly Brewster, chief marketing officer at NYDIG commended the effort of the baseball team. He acknowledged that the NY Yankees understood the value of providing its employees with such a competitive opportunity.

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