Omicron ($OMIC) Up 131% Since Announcement of New Covid-19 Variant

Ever since last week when the World Health Organization WHO announced a new variant of Covid-19 tagged ‘Omicron’, major markets have been plunging into the deep. But not all markets. In an interesting twist, a cryptocurrency that bears the same name as the new strain of Covid-19 is seemingly booming.

Omicron ($OMIC) Doing The Numbers

At the time of writing this report, an Omicron token is worth more than $593, up 131% in the past 24 hours and more than 735% in comparison to its November 17th all-time low, per Coinmarketcap data.

Meanwhile, the market for Omicron is still relatively small, trading just $670,254.74 in the past 24 hours with its market cap not yet available on Coinmarketcap, even as the token trades solely on Arbitrum One via SushiSwap. But like every other DeFi of its kind, $OMIC is also having a season.

Interestingly, Omicron has been in existence, shortly before the new Covid-19 variant, and was only named after the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

In fact, at no point in time was there a mention of any virus when the crypto project was first announced, weeks before WHO named the newly discovered Covid-19 variant, Omicron as well.

Virus Talk is Rife As Users Look for A Connection

Having established that the name situation is merely a coincidence, people still can’t stop talking about a possible correlation, as seen on various Twitter posts and even on the project’s 500-strong Discord chat.

A Twitter user identifed as @artoriamaster wrote:

“#omicron #Omicron Variant $OMIC is spreading fast! Be sure to wear a mask when trading on arbitrum sushiswap contract address 0x86b3353387f560295a8fa7902679735e5f076bd5 (arbitrum only)”

Meanwhile, $OMIC is not the only Omicron coin available. In fact, it’s not the first as there’s another coin on CoinMarketCap, which goes by the ticker OMC and doesn’t trade on any major markets.

Perhaps the project’s creators had rightly predicted how important the name ‘Omicron’ would come to be just five years later. Anyway, the crypto is presently blowing up and doing great numbers.