Opera Partners With Elrond to Integrate Elrond Blockchain

The world’s first Web3.0-focused browser, Opera Crypto Browser has entered into a partnership with Elrond to grant its users access to the Elrond ecosystem.

According to Opera, the partnership will take a full course at the end of 2022. After that, Opera users will be allowed to send and receive Elrond’s native token, EGLD, via the built-in Opera crypto wallet. 

Notably, the Elrond blockchain is capable of performing 15,000 transactions per second (TPS), and this is one of the benefits Opera users stand to benefit from the partnership.

Additionally, users will be granted access to Elrond assets and applications built on the Elrond network. In turn, this would be beneficial to Elrond as it will explore Opera’s user base and spike the avenues for adopting the blockchain. 

Beniamin Mincu, the Chief Executive Officer of Elrond Network commented,

“Elrond’s novel approach to consensus and sharding algorithms allows it to achieve remarkable performance while using the least amount of energy possible and without overly relying on high-end hardware. We’re excited to be tapping into Opera’s vast user base to offer them cheaper, faster transactions as well as access to Elrond’s burgeoning dApp ecosystem.”

Opera Expands its Product Offerings

Opera is globally recognized as ‘the world’s first Web3.0-focused browser with native support for decentralized applications (dApps) and a non-custodial wallet’. The platform prides itself as one that has an actively growing user base that currently runs in hundreds of millions. 

Opera has been around for over 25 years offering innovative browser products to its users. Today, the Web3.0-focused browser has enlarged its product offering to include gaming, e-commerce, mobile browser, and crypto amongst many others.

In the United Kingdom, Opera Crypto Browser allows users to buy crypto from its web browser. This was done in collaboration with crypto on-ramp service provider Ramp Network.

Opera’s Crypto Ecosystem Lead Susie Batt spoke of the company’s continuous expansion strategies to include more products.

“The seamless integration of Elrond further expands the wide array of crypto-centric services available to Opera Crypto Browser users. Such interoperability is becoming increasingly important for any project aiming to embrace Web3, and we are excited to have another blockchain partner join us on our mission to accelerate the evolution of the internet,” She said.

Similarly, Coinbase entered a partnership with Chrome with the launch of Coinbase Pay. This platform allows users to fund their crypto wallet through the Chrome browser extension and also explore Web3.0.