Opera to Introduce NFT Publishing Using Alteon LaunchPad

Users of the Opera browser will be able to create their own no-coding Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) in real-time with the help of Alteon Launchpad early next year, according to an announcement made by Opera press on its website.

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This will be the first groundbreaking tool for any browser that democratizes NFTs, allowing creators to participate in the Web3 creator economy.

Users will also gain from Opera’s collaboration with Alteon because they will be able to drag and drop media files into the Opera browser, even if they have little to no familiarity with Web3 and NFTs.

After that, the browser will be requested to create a straightforward smart contract and upload the file to a blockchain, turning NFTs into a media kind that anybody can study and use.

Alteon LaunchPad is created by the cloud-based producer ecosystem known as Alteon. Alteon utilizes partnerships with leading providers of creative technology, like Apple and Adobe, to streamline creative operations.

Susie Batt, Opera’s Crypto Ecosystem Lead, stated that the collaboration with Alteon will allow Opera’s customers to create NFTs quickly and easily, with no platform usage costs.

The information was released soon after Trust Wallet unveiled the debut of a browser plugin that supports several digital coins.

Opera in the Growing Web3 Ecosystem

While exploring Web3 in a discreet and secure manner, Opera is demonstrating its support for the Web3 and blockchain ecosystems. In September, the firm partnered with Elrond to permit its users access into the Elrond ecosystem.

Opera’s investigation of NFTs was boosted by the introduction of DegenKnows, an NFT monitoring tool. DegenKnows was created to provide users with access to off-chain data from social media sites such as Twitter and Discord, as well as traditional on-chain data analysis such as individual transactions.

In March, Opera also declared that it was supporting numerous blockchains, including Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon, as part of its continuous effort to make Web3 available to more than 380 million mobile and desktop users globally.

According to the announcement, Opera users can now access the vast network of Polygon or Solana decentralized applications via StarkWare DiversiFi.

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