Over 800,000 MST Is Available For The MappedSwap Community As Promotional Campaign Is About To Begin

MappedSwap gives its consumers this flexibility, as well as an intriguing choice of DEX services.
MappedSwap gives its consumers this flexibility, as well as an intriguing choice of DEX services.

The global cryptocurrency industry is exploding at an unprecedented rate. In fact, the market is now worth over $2 trillion and continues to expand. With that in mind, from April 13th until May 12th, MappedSwap will thus be running a promotional campaign. During that time, they want to give out over 800,000 MST in total, as well as referral along with staking rebates in MST to their respective users.

During the campaign period, MappedSwap also wants to decrease the barrier to entry for new users and referrers to earn MST while inviting users to utilize the 10x margin trading capability to increase trading and earning opportunities. Participants can also expect to cast a wider net through referrals by sharing their unique referral code with their target audiences in order to increase individual profits.

Understanding MappedSwap

MappedSwap Protocol is a decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange developed on Eurus Blockchain, a Layer-1, decentralized, and safe inter-transfer network constructed on Ethereum side-chain. With all of the success that this industry has been experiencing lately, MappedSwap hopes to make a lasting impact.

One of the primary goals of April’s campaign is to hence encourage users to continue staking in order to earn more MST. Users may earn MST via trading, staking, or referring. The user will get MST if the transaction is successfully completed. They can also cast a wider net through referrals by sharing the unique referral code with their preferred target audiences to increase their overall profits.

Why is any of this significant?

A DEX is a sort of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows direct P2P cryptocurrency transactions to occur online securely between two current user wallets. All of this is done without the need of a middleman or intermediary. As a result, users may exchange, earn, and grow on the premier decentralized crypto trading system on MappedSwap. Users may earn up to 80% stake and referral prizes on MappedSwap. If there is no referral code, all the users need to do is trade or stake in MappedSwap to receive one.

In this way, MappedSwap gives its consumers this flexibility, as well as an intriguing choice of DEX services. MappedSwap was created with the highest technical codes and requirements in the DEX industry in mind, and it strives to provide its users with unprecedented opportunities through its unique selling points, which include but aren’t limited to leveraging the difference via a maximum of 10x loan to trade and then return the loan within 60 minutes before loan interest can be applied, enjoying one of the blockchain industry’s lowest slippage tolerances of less than 0.1%, a main trading pair (BTC/USD) which has a high liquidity of a massive 3 billion USD, and finally being able to make use of Eurus’s incredibly fast 2-second transaction times.

As if all of that weren’t enough, all new users receive 0.1 EUN for free, which covers around 100 free transactions on Eurus networks. This only applies to new wallet addresses connected using MappedSwap to empower users to trade and stake with no charge. There are also many other exciting rewards and possibilities thanks to the campaigns which are definitely worth checking out. Needless to say, this is certainly an exciting time for MappedSwap and its supporters. Be sure to visit the official Medium, Telegram and Twitter channels as well.