OVER Makes History As Users Can Now Upload And Sell Their Designs Through The Marketplace

TINUS offers an opportunity for 3D Artists to be a part of the Web 3 revolution.
TINUS offers an opportunity for 3D Artists to be a part of the Web 3 revolution.

OVER’s TINUS Affiliate Program aims to establish a defined space for 3D clothing designers and fashion houses to sell their creations. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), NFTs, and the metaverse are among the advanced technologies used in the program.

Essentially, TINUS offers an opportunity for 3D Artists to be a part of the Web 3 revolution. With that in mind, the most recent announcement by the team behind the initiative marks a watershed moment for the OVER Metaverse, as for the very first time, creators and fashion designers can now upload and sell their clothes and accessories in the OVER Marketplace.

Why does this matter?

For as long as anyone can recall, the fashion sector has been a core component of every society, irrespective of individual preferences based on factors including culture, ethnic background, personal history, and location. This industry, like numerous others, must hence capitalize on the immense potential of the various technological innovations which are emerging today that are also attributing to the seemingly unavoidable transition into Web3. These innovations include cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, and of course the metaverse.

The objective of OVER is to thus engage 3D creators and fashion brands by enabling them to unleash their imaginations, enhance their Web3 presence, and make sizable profits. OVER is a decentralized platform for promoting art that is not constrained by dress standards, color limitations, or material constraints. To that end, the TINUS Affiliate Program was created to help make this goal a reality.

As such, the TINUS Affiliate Program assists 3D artists and fashion brands by significantly enhancing communication. Essentially, it enables content creators to participate in Web3 by creating virtual clothing and accessories that can then be sold through OVER’s worldwide open-source AR platform which is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

What does the TINUS Affiliate Program provide?

Those who participate in the program can help define ‘Digital Identity’ in relation to the OVER Metaverse as the world slowly transitions into Web3. As a result, OVER’s decentralized AR platform enables prominent figures in the fashion sector including brands, individual creators, and 3D designers to increase their visibility and influence. Furthermore, the program empowers users to obtain OVR tokens in addition to providing valuable feedback that can be used to make critical improvements to the product.

The TINUS Affiliate Program has two primary objectives: first, to provide a platform for 3D creators to display their design collections and sell them in the OVER Marketplace, and second, to provide fashion wearables for the OVER Community to customize their avatars.

It is also quite simple to join the TINUS Affiliate Program. Users need only log in to the OVER Marketplace (they must be registered first) and they will then see two dedicated sections titled ‘Owned Asset’ and ‘Create Asset’, the latter of which is where the designs would be uploaded. Afterwards, they just need to fill out an online form and upload the files.

It should be noted that each asset will be approved in accordance with the Terms and Guidelines. Authorization for each asset can take up to a week and OVER reserves the right to inspect the quality of all uploaded items before placing them for sale on the OVER Marketplace.

Moreover, it costs $10 in OVR tokens to submit assets for review. Following approval, creators would be allowed to sell their designs and accessories as NFT wearables in the OVER Marketplace, which will in turn enable the OVER Community to dress their avatars in a variety of distinct styles as previously mentioned.

A new age for fashion

With each passing day, the world becomes more digitized, and it is therefore critical for the fashion industry to keep up with these seemingly unending socio-technological changes. That said, the idea of virtual 3D clothing has finally become a reality as creators with a passion for fashion and the metaverse will have the opportunity to both earn and receive visibility for their corresponding creations through a mixture of OVER’s NFT Stylist Program and the TINUS Affiliate Program. Indeed, the OVER team’s main focus in 2023 and beyond will be to concentrate on monetizing creators’ passions and have them ‘live’ the clothes instead of simply wearing them.

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