Oz offers Open Zone living through token staking


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Oz Finance (Oz), an open zone digital asset project, connects a network of special economic zones (ecozones) through its TOTOZ token, enabling its holders to apply for real-world living in a near zero-tax environment. Starting with the Philippines, by staking its utility TOTOZ token, Oz offers community members exclusive living and business operation access to business-friendly ecozones that can grant users benefits such as near-zero taxes, regulatory cover for digital assets, as well as privacy protection.  

Leveraging crypto tokenomics, Oz Finance empowers investors with the advantages accompanying an autonomous ecozone in the Philippines, including clear regulatory cover and near zero-tax incentives

Oz leverages its community-building capabilities to raise capital and investments, turning the world’s 5,400 ecozones into a multi-trillion-dollar digital asset ecosystem. Oz provides a blueprint for ecozones to harness blockchain technology and its associated benefits to fuel economic growth.

“It is not often that you will find projects that have real-world application that can fundamentally improve someone’s life,” says Jin Gonzalez, Oz’s Chief Strategist. “Oz is one of those projects that applies available tech as a means to access a benefit that we all want but don’t have equal access to. By staking our TOTOZ token, users may gain residential status and business operation in regulation light zones that grant privacy protection, regulatory cover, and near zero tax incentives via a simple triggering event–the staking of TOTOz tokens.”

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Oz’s Project OZ (open zone) is linking blockchain technology with real-world living to maximize the economic and business potential that ecozones offer. The TOTOZ token links residential and business operation status in a global network of ecozones. Users apply for either residency or business operations in one of the partner ecozones simply by staking a set value of tokens. This enables them to gain access to benefits including membership within a real business-oriented community with near zero-tax living and clear regulations for digital assets and decentralized finance (DeFi) services. To ensure maximum privacy, Oz also grants users a self-sovereign ID providing full control over their data.

Oz Finance brings together a worldwide network of special economic zones, linked through its TOTOZ utility token, creating global economic residency and business opportunities. By staking TOTOZ, users attain residence status in the economic zones for individual or business residency based on the volume of the stake. Oz is currently building its own blockchain protocol alongside decentralized finance (DeFi) services to provide capital and credit to the members of its community and to participating Ecozones. Additionally, Oz is working on several ambitious projects to integrate NFTs and Metaverse applications into its ecosystem.

Oz’s first ecozone partner is the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) via its exchange, GlobalTradeX, located at the center of Asia within the Philippines, a couple of hours away from its capital, Metro Manila. This partnership sets the stage for global execution, democratizing ecozone benefits, and thereby making it available to virtually anyone. It also sets the stage for all subsequent ecozone partnerships with the intent to create a common standard.

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