Peerberry Review 2022 – Peer to Peer Lending and Investing

Peerberry Review
Peerberry Review

Are you looking for a reliable peer to peer platform to start investing in? In this PeerBerry review, we look at the brand-new platform that has everything that investors look for. Find out if it is best for you.

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PeerBerry Review Overview

Peer to peer lending has seen constant growth in popularity and success since the early 2008 financial recession. Since then, this form of lending has evolved, mainly due to technological developments and widespread use of the internet in the past decade that saw P2P spread to almost every part of the world.

Peer to Peer lending is booming, especially in Europe. It eliminates the cumbersome procedures and requirements associated with borrowing from traditional financial institutions and banks. These factors have led to the p2p industry in Europe growing by two digits every year.

PeerBerry is one of the latest addition in the peer to peer lending scene. The company foundation country is Latvia, Europe since October 2017. The company is owned and operated by Aventus Group which is one of the most successful lenders in Europe. Aventus Group was formed in 2009 and it was profitable within its first year in operation as a loan originator.

The same success is present in the PeerBerry platform which in less than one year had more than 30 million Euros financed through its marketplace. The platform has more than 3000 investors and 8 loan originators. Investors can expect interests of up to 12% on loans with a buyback guarantee.

Review How To Open Account on PeerBerry

To invest on the PeerBerry platform you need to open a personal or a company account. All you need is a working email address. After confirming your email and password, you will be required to fill in your personal details including your full name, nationality, city and postal address.

You will also be required to provide your identification documents as required by anti-money laundering laws (AML). Once you complete that stage your account will be ready to receive funds and start investing. It is free to open an account on the platform and the process takes under 5 minutes to complete.

Guide How to Invest in PeerBerry

After creating your account, you will be able to view the available loans immediately. Funds transfer to PeerBerry can be through SEPA bank transfer (Single Euro Payments Area) or TransferWise.

The funds are usually available within 2 working days after which you will receive a confirmation email and your account will be ready to invest. You can access the available loans by clicking ‘invest’ in the top menu after which you can use filters to sort out the loans you want to invest in. the filters include interest, country, buyback guarantee, and loan terms.

Review of Investments Types Available at PeerBerry

PeerBerry deals with two types of loans. Short term loans and real estate development projects.

PeerBerry Investment Types Review
PeerBerry Investment Types Review

Short Term Loans on PeerBerry

These are usually personal consumer loans and the terms are often up to a month. The short-term loans also come with buyback guarantee in case the borrower delays payment for more than 60 days.

Real Estate Development Loans on PeerBerry

These are loans are part of real estate projects, they offer more reliable investment opportunities. However, there are not many projects available at any one time. They also have a buyback guarantee in case the borrower delays payment for more than 60 days.

PeerBerry Auto Invest Tool Review

The auto invest tool on PeerBerry platform is easy to use as there are not many parameters to set. Once set, the auto invest tool reviews the loan listings and invests the funds in your account in loans that meet your preferences automatically. The PeerBerry auto invest tool continues to analyze and invest in new listings until the user pauses it.

The auto invest tool can be stopped permanently or paused and it can be reactivated anytime. If you change the settings it rechecks the available loan listings to ensure they meet your preferences. Investors can also invest manually with the auto-invest on.

Review How Much Can you Earn on PeerBerry

The average annual investment return on the platform is 12%. This a pretty competitive rate also similar to another major European peer to peer lending platforms, such as Mintos or Envestio.

The platform does not charge any fees on registration, service or deposit and withdrawal. The loans have a buyback guarantee and sell back option if you choose to end your investment early. All loans are available in Euros which protects investors from currency swings.

Guide Who can invest in PeerBerry

Individuals and companies within the European Union can invest in the PeerBerry platform. Individuals must be above 18 years and within the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area). The platform is not limited to European investors and its open to countries in Asia, South America (Brazil), Australia and New Zealand.

Is investing in PeerBerry safe?

PeerBerry currently offers the following protection on your investments:

Buyback Guarantee: First we have the buyback guarantee. This means that the loan originator (loan company) will buy back your investment if the borrower delays its payments for more than 60 days.

Additional Guarantee: New loan originators that aren’t financially as strong are backed up by an additional guarantee, provided by PeerBerry’s umbrella companies Aventus Group and Gofingo.

Collateral: Moreover certain loans are further backed by collateral such as the vehicle in case of leasing.

Personally I never had any issues with PeerBerry and I would not invest more than €10.000 into one platform if I would have concerns about the safety of my money.

When reviewing P2P platforms you should always have a look at the platform’s statistics. Statistics will give you an idea about the P2P platform’s performance as well as its growth.

PeerBerry Statistics
Operating since: 2017
Investor’s earnings: + €1.3 M
Total loan value: + €158 M
Amount of investors: +15.000


  • 60 Day Buyback Guarantee + Additional Guarantee
  • Stable interest rate
  • Automated investments with Auto Invest
  • Easy Sign-Up and fast money transfer
  • Loyalty bonus up to 1% (from min. €10.000 of investments)
  • No cash-drag


  • Not so many diversification options as on Mintos
  • Not suitable for long-term investments
  • No “super fast” cash out options like Mintos Invest & Access


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