PLAYA3ULL GAMES: The Future of Gaming Review


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In a world where a day starts with a screen and ends with a screen, gaming is one of the most crucial sources of entertainment. While conventional gaming is still mainstream, the integration of Blockchain technology in the games has recently gained massive traction. 

The integration of Blockchain technology in the gaming industry simply results in making games more interactive and interesting, often offering players opportunities to earn while enjoying the games. 

As emerging technology continues to expand, a flood of gaming platforms surfaced, resulting in healthy competition and better quality. In 2020, the United States witnessed a growth of 27% in its gaming industry, standing at around $57 billion. Moreover, the data from DappRadar reveals that non-fungible tokens (NFT) traded $22 billion last year, compared with just $100 million in 2020, a massive increase of 22,000%.

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Combining the power of NFTs with the gaming industry, which is expected to touch $257 billion in revenue mark by end of 2025, PLAYA3ULL GAMES aims to bring a unique experience for its users.


PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a promising project that combines the NFTs, cryptocurrency, and PC-based games to bring a unique experience for its users. The platform aims to enhance the gaming experience via its gaming designed backwards. 

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Backward designing means the users tell the PLAYA3ULL GAMES team what they want and the team reverts back with the demanded product. This users’ role in decision making boosts the trust and intensifies the community.

PLAYA3ULL GAMES team aims to build (internally) and sponsor (externally) games designed by the talented gaming developers around the world. To achieve this, it is planning to build its own blockchain, release Nodes, and a native utility token called 3ULL Coin, serving as the foundation for the PLAYA3ULL GAMES universe/ecosystem.

Every game on the platform consists of a number of components that, taken together, make up the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. Each game will have its own DAO to provide direction. The DAO’s community will act as the game’s director at all times. Each game will be developed on its own world that will dedicate a portion of its space to the Metaverse. If a user enjoys the game world, they will be able to purchase land in the Metaverse and develop homes, businesses, and social spaces on that land.

Why to chose PLAYA3ULL GAMES?

With a mission to create play-to-earn (P2E) games that transport the user to a different place, PLAYA3ULL GAMES aims to bring games that allows users to “experiment with being something more than [themselves].” 

PLAYA3ULL GAMES directs the ownership, design, and economy of its games to its players and rewards them with in-game assets they own.

Unlike its rivals in the gaming industry that ignore their player base and do not reward their community, PLAYA3ULL GAMES gives equal importance to its players, community, and producers.


Employing all the important aspects of Blockchain technology, each PLAYA3ULL GAMES game will be advised and managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

It is quite simple for a user to become a DAO member, all they need to do is purchase a DAO NFT for a particular game. They would  have the option to VOTE on upcoming game updates thanks to the DAO NFT. Though this doesn’t make them a game “designer” or “developer,” but they would have the power to influence the path that some the game’s components will take.

Important decisions that will affect the direction of the game will be put to a vote by the DAO NFT holders. If you enjoy playing games, you can consider becoming an advisor and voicing your thoughts.

Games in Production

PLAYA3ULL Metaverse

The world in which a game will take place is one of the first things to be designed while creating a game. This opens up a wonderful opportunity of using metaverse.

In the Metaverse, PLAYA3ULL GAMES will sell real estate. The team will assign some of each world to dwell in as it develop games. Anyone will be able to buy a property and have a building constructed on it (or have it constructed for them).

The only limitations on what you may accomplish on your land are the capacity of your imagination and those imposed by the climate it was built in. With metaverse, PLAYA3ULL GAMES aims to bring a brand-new, exciting era of playing incredible games, offering players the ability to influence game creation and to own property in the places the games are set in.

3ULL Coin

3ULL Coin is Avalanche blockchain based token which serves as the native utility token for the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. 

Notably, the company will use its share of the 3ULL coins to support the continuous development of the games it buys as well as the general operations of PLAYA3ULL GAMES. The number of coins that Node Owners receive will drop proportionally as the number of Nodes rises.

3ULL Token Tokenomics


Final Verdict

PLAYA3ULL GAMES brings an intriguing concept in the gaming industry with many standout characteristics overall. If you find yourself  interested in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other blockchain-related games, you can definitely try your hands on PLAYA3ULL GAMES platform.

Notably, a Playa3ull node purchase is a significant financial commitment and ought to be handled responsibly. The play-to-earn and NFT gaming industries are expected to boom over the next three to five years, and PLAYA3ULL GAMES is entering the market at the ideal time to possibly experience exponential growth.

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