Popular Crypto Trader Nicholas Merten Highlights Three DeFi Altcoins


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Crypto trader and influencer Nicholas Merten has updated followers on three decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoins he is in the process of accumulating. 

According to a video (titled “Altcoins Surge | Three Coins You Should Watch”) released on March 18 on his “DataDash” YouTube channel, Merten predicts another bull market for altcoins is on the way. He told the channel’s 407K subscribers that liquidity from Bitcoin would begin trickling to other cryptoassets, highlighting DeFi projects and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the most likely to benefit. 

He said: 

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“The optimism is here. It’s just waiting for that catalyst moment where some of the larger-cap plays really start to pop off.”

Merten said he was accumulating Uniswap ahead of the next boom for altcoins. He said the project would benefit from the release of Uniswap v3 this month, with added features like single-sided liquidity. 

Merten was also bullish on the outlook for Stacks (STX), a platform that seeks to build smart contract-style applications on a secondary layer of Bitcoin’s network. The trader said STX was not just focusing on payments but building an “actual framework” to create application on. 

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The popular trader rounded out his top three with the elastic stablecoin Benchmark Protocol (MARK). Merten called the project a market index for measuring volatility, thereby allowing holders to achieve more stable liquidity. 

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