Ray Dalio recommends 1%–2% Bitcoin in layman’s portfolio


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Ray Dalio, the famous hedge fund manager, is still bullish for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2022, citing three fundamental reasons why BTC is “impressive.” He mentioned gold and Bitcoin as inflation hedges in a recent talk with The Investors Podcast.

When asked by interviewer William Green what a reasonable allocation for a layman would be, Dalio responded he agrees with fellow billionaire Bill Miller’s recommendation of 1%–2%.

He went on to say that the network has never been hacked, that it has no better competition, and that BTC adoption rates indicate that it might continue to eat gold’s market cap. He stated:

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“Bitcoin now is worth about $1 trillion, whereas gold that is not held by central banks and not used for jewelry is worth about $5 trillion. When I look at that, I keep that in mind because I think, over time, inflation hedge assets are probably likely to do better.”

Dalio suggests not to cash Bitcoin out

Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, echoed statements made last year, saying he was amazed that Bitcoin had maintained its legacy in the past decade while reaffirming that he is not in favor of cashing it out.

Dalio did qualify his comments on Bitcoin’s ascent, pointing to the zealotry surrounding the Bitcoin movement as a potential Achilles heel, and, as one might expect from “Mister Diversification,” he also asked a larger question about digital assets:

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“When does somebody collect, take the money they made in Bitcoin and then diversify that and, in other words, move to other things?”

As TheCoinRise reported, Dalio recently displayed his doubts on BTC gaining $1 million of worth. He spoke poetically on NFTs and other coins as diversification options. BTC, on the other hand, is currently included in his “inflation hedge asset class,” along with the gold.

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