RipGale – The future for Decentralized Exchange

RipGale – The future for Decentralized Exchange
RipGale – The future for Decentralized Exchange

RipGale (RAL) is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain. It aims to serve as the cornerstone for other protocols to develop superior decentralized applications.

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RipGale – The future for Decentralized Exchange

This intend is enabled by granting access publically to the digital contract system. In other words, it is reliable and decentralized, which does not run under the control of any individuals or organizations, hence, “unhackable”, and risk-free.

The RipGale project, although quite similar to a decentralized exchange, has a number of notable differences.

Decentralized projects address problems such as high transaction fees, slow transaction speed, low liquidity (unable to convert to fiat currencies), and lack of cross-border transacting support. 

As a decentralized project, RipGale eliminates these issues by providing a standard protocol for all orders, even if it’s not from its Blockchain. Thus, orders are recorded on the blockchain only when it has been settled instead of constantly synchronizing with transactions. This significantly improves processing speed and minimizes, or even eliminates, unnecessary transaction fees.

RipGale Info

  • Token name: RAL
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Total circulating supply: 1,000,000,000 RAL
  • Initial circulating supply: 24.5% of the total circulating supply
  • Public sale price: 1 RAL = 0.5 $

RAL delivers outstanding features, including:

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image 5RipGale – The future for Decentralized Exchange
  • A decentralized system exclusively for institutions: It allows new investment fund to operate smoothly and safely.
  • Stable coin: RAL can help stabilize newly issued coins.
  • RipGale Lending: A self-control system in which users has 100% control over their assets and trade at their respective interest rate.
  • Ripgale swap: A multi-chain transfer port that allows users to exchange tokens instantly and securely.
  • Smart Contract: RALs are integrated into smart contracts to manage funds and enforces necessary safety measures and regulations.

RipGale Ecosystem (RAL)

  • RAL is responsible for processing trading orders which are separated from the management logic and trading account control area, both of which can be replaced without affecting each other.
  • RAL provides a legal lending platform
  • RAL does not hold user assets
  • RAL provides a P2P lending platform
  • Topup and Collateral recovery
  • Staking RAL: Staking RAL is a form of voting to protect Ripgale itself by selecting and supporting the most prestigious and reliable Masternode. Stakers play a vital role in the Ripgale blockchain ecosystem.

The above is a summary of information related to the RipGale project.

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