Ripple Alumni, Matt Hamilton Argues XRP Could Hit $100 Someday

Matt Hamilton, a former Director of Developer Relations at blockchain payments firm, Ripple Labs Inc has joined a Twitter debate in which users were arguing about the prospects of the XRP coin. Hamilton who left Ripple earlier this year shared his opinion to back the claims that XRP could indeed hit a $100 price target someday.

The Twitter thread was initiated by a user named Max Walker-Williams who unveiled a YouTube video that will outline why XRP could soar to a price of $100. As typically of crypto Twitter, the claims were debunked with many noting that Max is a scammer for believing the myth that XRP could hit that high price tag.

Judging by its current circulating supply of 48,343,101,197 XRP coins, another Twitter user @sir_bitcoin said the move is impossible as this price will give XRP a market capitalization of about $5 trillion, surmounting the market capitalization of Apple by almost double.

“You’re suggesting xrp could hit a market cap of $5 trillion. That’s more than double Apple market cap. This is ludicrous. Xrp is literally a worthless entry on a centralised database. By releasing a video that suggests this you are promoting a scam,” the tweet from Sir Bitcoin reads.

Matt Hamilton Wading in

In a bid to protect the integrity of XRP, Matt Hamilton waded into the debate and posited that “future valuations are very much subjective, and no-one has a crystal ball. But pretending you don’t know the difference between a blockchain and a centralised database is not going to help your assessment of things. The XRP Ledger is decentralised.”

In addition, Hamilton chipped in;

“I don’t make price predictions. But I don’t see why XRP couldn’t hit $100 at some point. Just question of time. If you said in 2009 that Bitcoin would hit $60k, you’d be laughed.”

It is not uncommon to find such debates on Twitter, and while there are many predictions flowing around digital currencies today, the XRP coin has battled a lot of inconsistencies that generally suppresses its growth in recent times. However, the growth track of the coin from its current price of $0.4041 may be ignited should the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the SEC be concluded, and at best, in the company’s favor.