Ripple and SEC Case Will Likely get a Court Ruling – Deaton

As the end to the longest legal brawl in the industry continues to draw near, John Deaton, the pro-XRP attorney has predicted that the Ripple vs SEC case will most likely get a court judgment as a settlement between both parties is very unlikely.

Deaton shared his thoughts on the case on a tweet thread after an earlier conducted poll on the chances of the case being settled out of court.

According to the results of the poll which had 18,000 votes, 59% of the participants, representing a majority of the participants, believe the Ripple vs SEC case will get an out-of-court settlement while the others believe the case will go all the way to a court hearing in 2023.

Deaton has pitched his tent with the minority who sees the case going all the way to a court hearing as he makes three arguments for his position that the Ripple vs SEC case will get a ruling by the judge.

Possible Outcome of the Ripple vs SEC case

According to the lawyer, it would seem the SEC is now not worried about releasing the Hinman documents to the public as it’s unlikely that the content will significantly affect its case since there was no mention of XRP in the said document. He had earlier believed that the SEC’s initial refusal to release the documents would have led to a settlement.

Furthermore, with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) also now interested in regulating the crypto markets, Deaton argues that the SEC chairman Gary Gensler is willing to take his chances and is not afraid of an unfavorable outcome.

Lastly, the lawyer believes that the sudden collapse of FTX and the judgment in the LBRY case, have further strengthened the SEC’s position. Deaton also mentioned that the SEC will soon file a lawsuit against FTX as well.

Markedly, it’s worthy to note that if the case which began in December 2020 after the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs for allegedly selling unregistered securities is not settled out of court, Judge Annalisa Torres will give a verdict on or before March 31st.