Ripple CEO Enthusiastic About the Future of the Crypto Industry


Ripple Labs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brad Garlinghouse has predicted that in the coming days, the crypto industry might come out stronger following the recent crisis. In the last few months, the digital asset industry has been in a lot of mess per the most recent being the implosion of the Bahamas cryptocurrency exchange FTX. 

According to a tweet by the industry heavyweight, for the crypto industry to come out stronger, transparency and trust are key players which need to be focused on. He also took the time to tout his crypto firm, stating that Ripple will continue to uphold these key players and in fact lead the move in Europe. 

“With all that’s happening in the past few weeks (and over the course of this year’s ups and downs), it feels even more imperative that we’ve gathered together in person to have honest conversations about solving real world problems with crypto and blockchain,” Garlinghouse tweeted “I firmly believe that crypto will be stronger because of this if we keep focusing on transparency and trust. Ripple has and will continue to lead in this regard.”

Garlinghouse Talks About Ripple’s Achievements

Ripple’s CEO announced that the firm has processed transactions worth up to $30 billion both in crypto and fiat currency altogether.

Also, Garlinghouse mentioned that Ripple made its foray into Africa with its partnership with MFS Africa, a leading digital payment platform. As per a published statement, the partnership will mean that MFS Africa will use Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution for crypto-enabled payments on which 40 payout markets are already live.

For MFS Africa, businesses in the region along with their customers will be able to perform real-time payments with their mobile phones easily. Such crypto-based payments which are powered by RippleNet will be enabled across borders.

Amidst the rubble of the FTX implosion, Ripple Labs published a white paper regarding the crypto industry regulation for policymakers in the United Kingdom.

The focus of the document is the Financial Markets and Services Bill which will become the regulatory framework in the region once it is approved by the House of Parliament and House of Lords.

On the same day, Judge Analisa Torres, the United States judge presiding over its lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved more amicus briefs including that on American crypto exchange Coinbase.

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