Ripple Secures Money Payment License in Singapore

American blockchain payments firm, Ripple Labs Inc has secured the license to operate as a Major Payment provider in Singapore

In an exciting development, Ripple Labs said it has received in-principle approval for a Major Payment Institution License (MPI) from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country’s central bank.

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This news comes as a positive development for Ripple and the broader crypto sector, especially in light of the tightening policy environment in the United States.

Significance of the Ripple Labs License

This license allows Ripple to provide a wide range of regulated digital payment services. Specifically, this approval opens up new opportunities for Ripple to develop its cross-border transfer capabilities, particularly for XRP, the company’s native cryptocurrency.

As Ripple is closely aligned with XRP, the license allows the company to leverage its blockchain technology to facilitate secure and efficient cross-border transfers of XRP tokens. Notably, Ripple’s solutions have already received attention for their potential to transform international remittances by shortening transaction times and lowering transaction costs.

Consequently, with the regulatory approval in Singapore, Ripple Labs can now extend these services to its customers, which primarily consist of banks and financial institutions. This regulatory approval not only strengthens Ripple’s position in the Singapore market but also its credibility as a trusted partner for financial institutions worldwide.

Ripple Leverage on Singapore’s Crypto-Friendly Stance

The approval from MAS comes at a crucial time amid Ripple’s ongoing issue with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Singapore’s supportive regulatory environment provides Ripple with a strategic advantage, allowing the company to continue innovating and advancing its blockchain-based financial solutions.

With its established Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore in 2017, Ripple has already demonstrated its commitment to the region. The new license provides a solid foundation for the company to build upon its existing presence and drive further growth and expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ripple Expands Despite Ongoing Issues with the SEC

Notably, the legal challenges faced by Ripple in the United States have not deterred the company’s progress, as evidenced by the significant growth of its payment solution in the past year.

Despite legal uncertainty surrounding its native cryptocurrency, XRP, Ripple has continued to develop its services and build global collaborations. For instance, Ripple partnered with the Central Bank of Montenegro in May for the development of a pilot program for the nation’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

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