Ross Ulbricht to Launch NFT Collection on Ethereum, Here’s Why

The founder of the defunct Silk Road marketplace, Ross Ulbricht has now announced in a Medium post, his plans to auction an NFT line. According to Ulbricht, the NFTs will highlight several important points in his life, including the lows of prison time.

Auction Will Run From 2nd To 8th December — Ross Ulbricht

According to the Medium post, Ross Ulbricht NFT collections dubbed the ‘Genesis Collection’, are minted on Ethereum and will be launching in Miami today during the 2021 Art Basel event. Curated by Entoptic, the NFT auction will run from December 2 till the 8th of the same month on the NFT platform SuperRare.

Recounting his prison time so far, Ulbricht said in his post that he was only 29 years old when he got arrested. And that it was his alone time in prison that reawakened his artistic side when he suddenly began drawing again and making illustrations that told his story.

He added that initially, he had no idea what an NFT is. Understandably so though, as he has been on the inside since 2013, and of course not privy to the NFT party happening in the crypto world. However, ever since someone suggested to him about selling his art as NFTs, the Silk Road creator says he learned and worked on creating them.

Purpose of Fundraiser

Meanwhile, according to the website, which is being run by Ulbrich’s mother, the NFT launch/fundraiser has two main aims: efforts to free Ross Ulbricht, and prisoner support.

Ulbricht insists that although he knows a lot can be done with whatever proceeds they realize from the auction, but he’s even more interested in helping kids visit their parents in prison.

In 2011, Ulbricht started Silk Road, a dark web site where people did all kinds of transactions using Bitcoin. The website would later go on to become a place where drugs were sold and even arms and ammunition were being traded, more like a criminal community. The website was shut down shortly after his arrest in 2013, and barely 2 years later, he got convicted of multiple crimes and was sentenced to two life sentences with an additional 40 years.

Admitting that his own future might not be looking so bright, Ulbricht says he’s hoping to help do something with regards to how kids who have incarcerated parents, suffer.