Scammers promoting fake Telegram TON Token offering on Facebook


Scammers are promoting a fake Telegram TON Token offering of Telegram’s soon to be launched cryptocurrency Gram on the social media platform Facebook. The fake advertisement with the picture of Telegram CEO Pavel Durov is taking round on Facebook in Russia.

Scammers are luring in people to invest in a Fake Telegram TON Token cryptocurrency Gram via advertisements on Facebook. The advertisements claim to provide investors a quick way to get daily income. The amount scammed so far is unknown.

Telegram raised over $1.7 billion last year in its ICO for its cryptocurrency Gram, which is supposed to launch by the end of next month. A Russian news outlet reported that an advertisement for crypto earnings started to takin rounds with the picture of Telegram CEO Pavel Durov.

The advertisement leads to a website whose design is disguised as RBC, a popular Russian news website. A video on the website explains a unique scheme to earn daily income. The website also contains a form for registration for a fake TON platform which requires users to put their personal information including an email address and phone number.

The website claims users can earn up to 15 thousand Russian Rubles per day after registering. The scammers are trying to exploit the anticipation among investors as Telegram’s cryptocurrency is among the most awaited project. It is highly advised to report such scams. Let us know in comments how do you think these scams can be curbed down?

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