SEC Veteran Doubts Settlement in Ripple vs SEC Case


The ongoing legal struggle between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been defined by rising tensions and uncertainty. 

As the stakes mount, while some have speculated about the possibility of a settlement, Marc Fagel, a former Regional Director at the SEC believes that a resolution outside of the courtroom is unlikely.

The XRP Community Seek Answers

In a recent Twitter debate, members of the XRP community turned to Marc Fagel for his insights on the ongoing case between Ripple and the SEC. 

The community was especially eager to learn about the SEC’s attitude and if the commission would be willing to pursue a trial against Ripple or engage in meaningful settlement talks.

A community member, in particular, raised the question, considering the potential ramifications that the outcome of the Ripple case could have on the SEC’s broader crypto-related lawsuits, specifically those involving Binance and Coinbase.

Fagel Expresses Skepticism

In response to the XRP community’s inquiry about the possibility of a settlement between Ripple and the SEC, Marc Fagel provided additional insights. Fagel highlighted that while a settlement would not establish legal precedent, it could still have significant implications for both parties involved.

However, he expressed skepticism about the likelihood of a settlement, noting that if one were to occur, it would likely have happened already during the course of the legal proceedings.

Notably, Fagel’s opinion is consistent with an earlier statement from pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton, suggesting a ruling in the SEC’s action against Ripple. Fagel further pointed out that a recent unsealing order issued by Judge Torres showed that the court had already decided on its upcoming verdict.

Complexities in the Ongoing Case

While Fagel’s viewpoint is insightful, it is vital to highlight that the outcome of the Ripple-SEC case remains unpredictable. 

Legal disputes frequently take unexpected turns, and settlements can emerge even in the midst of fierce confrontation. However, Fagel’s reservations about the probability of a settlement highlight the complexities and uncertainty of this particular case.

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