SHARPEI, The Decentralized Meme Token is Live

The rise of meme tokens like Doge and Shiba and their exponential growth into becoming among the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization is one great milestone for the meme tokens in the crypto industry as they both made lots of investors get wealthy.

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While meme tokens are gaining traction in the cryptocurrency space, it is often misunderstood by a few people. Meme tokens are cryptocurrencies that originated from internet jokes or memes. Experts also explained that meme tokens are driven by culture and represent an underlying theme or movement, rather than special technical use cases. For example, the DOGE coin which was launched in 2013 was inspired by the popular Doge meme of a popular Japanese Shiba Inu dog.

In 2021, the meme coin industry especially the dog-themed meme coins experienced a huge blast in value which led to more investors purchasing them with the hope of making a fortune from them.

At the moment of writing this article, the top 10 meme tokens by market capitalization according to coinmarketcap are

  • Dogecoin with a market capitalization of $21.13B
  • Shiba Inu with a market capitalization of $17.46 B
  • Dogelon Mars with a market capitalization of $760.61M
  • Samoyedcoin with a market capitalization of %101.49M
  • MonaCoin with a market capitalization of $74.29M
  • Hoge Finance with a market capitalization of $56.92M
  • DogeBonk with a market capitalization of $32.46M
  • Doge Dash with a market capitalization of $23.82M
  • Banano with a market capitalization of $23.12M
  • CumRocket with a market capitalization of $15.09M

The cryptocurrency value remains a bit of a mystery as one can never really ascertain when the value of a coin will increase or decrease. However, with an energized and engaged community backing a meme token, good hype about the token can skyrocket its value over time. This is exactly what the SHARPEI community is doing.

All You Should Know About the SHARPEI Meme Token

SHARPEI is a decentralized meme token on the Binance smart chain that was inspired by a Chinese breed of large muscular dogs having distinctive wrinkly muscular skin. It was developed with a long-term vision of bringing change into the meme industry by supporting the incorporation of play to earn metaverse.

SHARPEI is different when compared to other meme tokens as it is fully community-owned, allows no pre-mint, seed sale, private sale, team tokens, and developer tokens rather the team behind the development of SHARPEI have a strong vision to get along with the name.

There is a total supply of 100,000,000,000 of which 50% is already locked for the five years and the remaining 50% of SHARPEI is locked on PancakeSwap in both BUSD and BNB pair. This was to ensure that there was a fair launch without any seed, private or public sale. The SHARPEI token allows investors to hold millions, billions, or even trillions in their wallets.

As a community-focused token, SHARPEI token which was launched 3 weeks ago was seen trending for a period of 4 days on coinmarketcap. This highlights the acceptance of the token by the community and it also shows how energized and engaged the community is in spreading this project worldwide.

With only 8,000,000 in market capitalization, 5,000 holders in only a few weeks, and an upward trend of 20,000% since launch, SHARPEI seems to be the next big thing in crypto. As part of its roadmap, the team hopes to release the $SHARPEI charity NFT collection, kickstart a worldwide marketing campaign, and begin the development of $SHARPEI play-to-earn-metaverse.

Investors can purchase $SHARPEI on PancakeSwap as it is available in both BNB and BUSD pairs.

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